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Westies and Scotties - are they still popular?

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  • Westies and Scotties - are they still popular?

    We are thinking of expanding our brand to include other scottie dog and westie dog gift related items and a new range of craft items but just wondered if scotties and westies are still popular for people to buy? We are obviously biased as we have a little westie called Bobbie and adore him so would like an unbiased view! Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
    Angela Devine

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    I still see lots of things with Westies and Scotties on, but also Jack Russel Terriers, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs appear on lots of things too. Personally I'd like to see a few more Airedales... not that I'm biased or anything.
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      As most of my stalls are at Dog events I know how particular folk can be about the breeds they own. I have spaniels and wouldnt personally buy anything with a dog on it unless it was a spaniel. You may wish to think about expanding into other breeds to tap into a larger market. Scotties and Westies are always popular with tourists up here though with them being seen as a scottish symbol, particularly if tartan is involved.


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        Judging by the number of dogs I see at many outdoor events, I would say Jack Rusells are the in dog?

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          All dogs are lovely so maybe we will introduce other dogs to the Scotties website and not just scotties and westies even though we kind of have a theme going on! We own the copyright to the scottie and westie featured on our website so the world is our oyster of having things printed up and making things with them on.
          Angela Devine


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            Hi I sell bookmarks at craft fairs with black scotties on them, and they are quite popular, so I would say give it a go. I find most dogs are popular, but a real favourite this year has been rabbits



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              Include Border Terriers - hugely popular because whenever I want to buy anything at a fair with a BT it is sold out!!


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                Westies seem very popular, but don't see many Scotties.
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