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  • Work/life do you manage?

    This question has been playing on my mind somewhat, being that I've busier in the last few weeks then I thought I would ever be.

    I would be particularly interested to hear from people that, like me, that run a business around a 9-5 job.

    Does anybody have any tips on how to keep things balanced?

    Ta. x
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    i ditched a "normall proper 9 - 5 job" years ago when my first business became too much for me to keep the 9 - 5 job.

    So now my life is my business

    I used to balance everything by sitting down and writing a time management plan for the week.

    Somtimes doing a little often can make more at the end of a week

    rather than burning the candle at both ends and having less for the effort.
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      I do full time employment and don't sell my crafts. There is no way I could do both without going insane, missing out on family life and losing sleep.
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        I don't. And I ditched the day job!

        This year's been manic, I'm shattered. My last 'have to get this done' order goes off in a minute. I sat down to do a list of 'now I can do these like to do things'. It's two pages long!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          I am a teacher and have had a manic few weeks with orders. I clocked up a 78 hour week last week, so basically I have no tips because I am useless at time management and work life balance. On the other hand, I have planned lots of nights out etc over the next week as I finished my last fair on Saturday.

          I hope to at least go part time in the future :-)


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            I don't have a 9-5 but do have a full-time job looking after a baby! I get up with my husband at 6am, work on business stuff (both crafting, marketing and studying for a diploma I'm doing) until baby wakes up (usually 9ish). Busy with mummy-duties until baby bedtime at 7pm, then do crafts until 10. My clocks just involve cutting, sticking and sewing so I can make them in the livingroom and spend some time with hubby while I'm working on them. Then at 10 we do whatever housework needs to be done before bed. Saturday is our family day when no work of any kind is allowed. Having the one day a week where I relax and enjoy life really helps me get through the rest of the week.


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              My craft is now my life 24/7. Found that when I worked did not put as much effort in as had a guaranteed salary and not nearly as committed now different.


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                I think it's a good idea to be realistic about the time you actually have available and what you can achieve in that time - *not* what you would like to achieve! If you then hit these targets and goals you will feel happier and less stressed about not fitting everything in - none of us are wonder woman and we all need a decent amount of sleep and time with our friends and family outside of work. It's good to aim high, but not at the cost of total burnout which leaves you exhausted and totally uninspired to make a thing!

                x Hilary

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                  I think it has to be one or the other I don't think you can have it all. Crafting is an obsession and takes up all your time. If you can give up the day job and concentrate on crafting and your craft business it gives you a focus as you need to earn the money to survive.
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                    I have just sort of lost a job, so I am now going to focus on my crafts more and see where it takes me.

                    Before hand, I was so exhausted from my day work, that I did not have the 'head space' to design new products or was inspired to do new things.

                    What I used to do and still do, is endless list of things to do and plan my week and do little crafting each night. It all adds up. Also, I never watch TV without doing some sewing. My husband loves playing cricket, so best part of the year, I dedicate each saturday to crafts.
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                      Like many, I have a full time job and have to fit my turning in at weekends or evenings. However, turning whilst sat watching television in the sitting room doesn’t go down very well!

                      Essentially at the moment I see my craft as both a paying craft and a future retirement project! This does not mean that I charge ridiculously low prices for my wares, just that I do not put myself under pressure except near to a craft show. I have not done so many of these this year as we were hoping to move but first we couldn't sel in tome to buy the place we wanted (plus the planners were VERY unhelpful), then when we had a buyer we could not find anywere better to move to!


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                        Wow! Thanks for the response guys.
                        I wish I could afford to give up my day job but with a trip to America booked next year I don't think it would be possible!
                        Crafting is definitely a lifestyle choice with me, I adore it and would craft every second of the day if I could. But it's a balancing act and I'm still learning at the moment. Definitely think I need to be more realistic in my expectations of what I can achieve in the few hours outside of work.
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                          I don't do balancing I do juggling and hope I don't drop too many balls and if I do it's the rubber ones not the glass ones.

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