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    just back from our village farmers victorian christmas market.
    I'm beginning to thaw out. I began to freeze from the toes upwards, although thanks to the volumous skirts and shawls and the bonnet, the rest of me stayed warm.
    It was a great morning and the weather was kind.
    We were entertained by carol singers, musicians, morris dancers and handbell rigers.
    The children all got to make pinecone decorations and visit santa in his Tepee.
    it was a dissapointm,ent that lots of the stall holders didn't enter into the spirit and dress up, but those that did, seemed to have loads of fun.
    There will be a you tube montage coming in the next few days and I'll let you all see that.
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    The Victorians were quite sensibly dressed back then for the winter. Can't wait to see the youtube footage. I'd be more likely to visit a stall with a dressed up person than a non dressed up person at that kind of event!
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      It sounds fun. Hope you made some money too!

      I did an outdoor event a few years ago, and some people had taken corrugated cardboard or pieces of old carpet to stand to stop their feet getting too cold. It was the my first (and last) outdoor event in winter, so I didn't know to take any with me, but I think it makes quite a difference.
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        When dressing up in long skirts and selling in the depths of winter - llama wool socks in snowboots does the trick.


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          I would have thought that tights, leggings and jeans could be worn under long skirts. but well done for braving the cold. I was inside a warehouse but it was warm, could I tempt the visitors to part with thier hard earned? NOPE. not through lack of trying tho. took all of £17.50 still got tomorrow to go so hope they bring their credit cards with them...
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            We do a few Vickie Markets - I wear usual clothes, topped with a "Mrs Bridges" style apron and mop cap and shawl - Mr Just Soaps, borrows an undertakers black top hat (don't ask) and tails with a cravat - we really enjoy the days - though they go on until 6.00pm

            The majority of stall holders and many of the public do dress up - some amazing costumes.


            Glad you had a good day
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              I did an indoor winter Victorian event once in a castle, which was as cold as being outdoors! I did indeed wear trousers etc underneath my long skirt!

              At the moment I'm doing 3 days per week outdoors (although under cover) right up until Christmas, at our high street. My hands are cracked and sore from the cold, even though I wore gloves. Last year we did it in that freezing weather and did stand on the carpets from our cars, wore about 4 layers of clothes and still froze - mind you, it was minus 10...



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                Cardboard is key - have 4-5 layers to stand on;-) Keeps your tootsies really warm

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                  I haven't done a Victorian market yet, but would really love too, my last event before Xmas is next Sunday, maybe I should ask the organiser if they will ask everyone to dress up! It would be great if they did
                  Dee x
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                    Cardboard or Carpet to stand on. Also this little insta-heat pouch things that you can drop in your pockets!