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How to choose a craft!?

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  • How to choose a craft!?


    I have a big problem, I get overexcited about everything!! Whenever I hear about a new craft I want to try it! So now I have too many crafts that I do. What I really want is to concentrate on one maybe two crafts and get really good at those instead of being average at a lot of them!

    How do I decide which ones to concentrate on though!

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    How about writing each one across the top of a piece of paper and listing their pro's and con's underneath it. Like how much they each cost to do, if there are tutorials available, if their are magazines that can assist you, are the components readily available, how much space they take up (although I have to say that in my case jewellery making shouldn't take up every surface in my how - but it does!


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      That is a good idea! I might try that! I am rapidly running out of space in my house for all of my crafting things so I really need to sort this out!!!


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        Match the crafts with what you have the most materials for already?
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          Do the desert island question.

          If you could only take two lots of craft supplies in your luggage on the boat, and you would be staying on a desert island for two years, which ones would you take? Which ones would keep your interest that long?
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            Concentrate on the one you find most rewarding and have the most creative ideas for and perfect them. Use those as your bread and butter earners then you can still dip your toe in to other crafts from a pleasure point of view

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              Why spe******e - just organise the stuff so it doesn't take over, or only make small things! :-)


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                Buy a bigger house, build a workshop, give up work and make everything all day .......................oh my dream ...

                But keep it small, if its going to be a business for you think about what you might not want to make 100 of !

                I once had to sew on 50 buttons to clothing I had collected from the machinists... then decided I hated making clothes that way !

                If you dont have a go ................... you will never know




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                  Thanks for the ideas guys!

                  Bogwell4018 ..... if only we could do that!
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                    Don't worry I think It'll come naturally to you just keep making things and you will become more dedicated to the the things that interest you most and try not focus on being the "best" at it, as in my experience things that are made to there total perfection become dull and unintersting like machine made objects....
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                      You could try asking lots of different people to look at what you've done and tell you which are the two crafts you seem better at and concentrate on those. Find the ones your talents are most suited to.


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                        Dreams are good Helen. Keep buying those lottery tickets
                        If you dont have a go ................... you will never know