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UK Supplies For Jewellery Making.

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  • UK Supplies For Jewellery Making.

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to jewellery making and am based in the UK, I recently came across the Etsy website and thought it was brilliant for supplies but everything I looked at is from Hong Kong or China and I'm not really comfortable with ordering out of the country as I've had a bad experience with it already and I actually need my next lot of supplies in the next few weeks so I really need a UK site, I know of some of the more popular ones but could really do with somewhere that has A LOT of choice for findings, on Etsy I see the most beautiful connectors ect and would love to find a UK based site that is similar, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I haven't used this company but boy, they stock an impressive range of everything you need to bead. Try
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      depending on what you are looking for I use, Jillys Beads, Crystals and Ice or Beads Direct all of which have a good selection.
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        I use jillybeads occasionally and find them good, but can thoroughly recommend Jencel (who are forum members too) - great choice & very high quality. Fast too - I put in an order on Sunday, it arrived this morning

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          I love the Spellbound Bead Co. Their online orders arrive really quickly, postage is reasonable and they have quite a good range of products. For wire I use the Scientific Wire Company. I placed an order last week and it arrived in less than 24 hours! I've also had some good buys from ebay, but you always take a risk with the quality.


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            There are a lot of people out there on Ebay and Etsy, you just have to filter by the UK only option, however in my experience:

            Ebay can be quite cheap as there is a lot of competition, but be wary on findings, I have ended up with some right clangers in terms of quality! Although there are companies that have Ebay stores too, such as Jilly Beads and Herosemineral, who I have bought from.
            Etsy, same goes really, although there tends to be a bit more variety than Ebay, but a lot of people buy in bulk from China and sell on. Can be luck of the draw sometimes, I often email sellers and ask about the quality before I buy.
            Companies with their own website, I find, tend to sell better quality products as they rely on your repeat custom.

            I always use companies to source findings these days, especially chain, and use Ebay and Etsy for more unusual materials.
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