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    :?: Can anyone help me. For a current project of mine I want to put some designs on 1" square ceramic tiles. These would be preferably in a number of colours but I could get away with one colour. I have been using inkjet printed labels to test the design, but I want something that looks a bit more professional. So far I have considered clear inkjet labels and inkjet transfers. The ideal would be screen printing onto a sheet of tiles before splitting the tiles up. Anyone any other suggestions. I want to do quite a number, probably in the 1000's
    Thanks for any help.

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    what about E-Z rub-on transfers?

    While most people use these for on cards and in scrapbooks, they are supposed to be fine for all sorts of surfaces.

    If you could find a sheet that has lots of small designs on it may not be too expensive. I guess it depends what you want to put on the tiles and how much you want to spend of course!

    Anyway if you aren't familiar with them have a look on my site under 'Rub-On Transfers' so you at least know what I am referring to.

    Good luck and let us all know how you get on.


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      There is another way you could try:
      Take a nice picture,either out of a magazine (COPYRIGHT!!) or print one you like.Get some see-through bookcovering,it is self-adhesive on one side.
      Now you place your picture, face down on to the bookcovering and cut it out, leaving about 1 inch seam all round ,so you can stick it on to your tile later.
      Now, you place the cut-out in a bowl of warm water for about 20 min (don't worry, it'll still stick to the tile afterwards),take it out and rub the top layer of paper off...
      Stick on to your tile...and hey presto....
      Keep on crafting


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        Make your own tile transfers

        This is my first posting.
        Have you tried a product called SAFMATT made by letraset. Its a clear self adhesive film that goes through the inkjet printer or you can stamp onto it, then you just peel and stick. I use it all the time.
        Krafty Jayne


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