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How much do I charge for teaching?

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  • How much do I charge for teaching?

    Hope you can help! I've been asked about teaching felting at a rather fancy public school nearby as part of their extra curricular activities. Problem is I don't know what to charge or even where to start... Obviously I need to cover materials, but I don't know about an hourly charge, or one off fee... etc? It will be teaching teenagers but they're well behaved apparently!

    Any help much appreciated,
    Stephanie x

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    I would say a reasonable amount to charge per hour would be £20 that is the going rate for your expertise. + materials.
    If they have asked you to teach, they will be expecting to pay around that figure if not more.
    Regards Sue


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      I agree with Sue, for feltmaking ive seen anywhere from £18 - £25 per hour and they would have to provide the materials.

      Hope that helps!
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        At the very least £20 per hour, plus materials.
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          When we have artist in residences in at our school £250 for the whole day is the going rate, thats inclusive of materials etc


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            I agree, well done sounds like a fab idea, I'd love to teach my skills to teenagers and show them textiles is fun. Can't seem to find any vacancies around here though
            Dee x
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              Originally posted by EJMedia View Post
              I agree with Sue, for feltmaking ive seen anywhere from £18 - £25 per hour and they would have to provide the materials.

              Hope that helps!

              I agree with this, it looks about fair, and remember that that sort of amount won't be too much to ask as schools are only too happy to pay less if you are not careful, however fancy the school is! Good luck with the teaching
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                £250 a day (which is what I charge) actually comes out to £35 an hour but when I do it I have an afternoon's preparation, one to two hours travelling , the cost of petrol, and the morning after unpacking, topping up, reorganising etc to add onto the hours in the school. If I do an activity day I cost it at £5 per group of 6 children. (£280 a class a day.) That probably needs revising but two out of 5 of my groups are using stuff from my garden or scraps or stuff that doesn't get consumed, the other 3 I have to go shopping for.
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                  You don't say what size group you're looking at but I do art & craft after-school clubs which run for 60-75 mins and charge £5.75 per head (so that would be £34.50/hr for 6), which includes my time & all materials. Wet felting is easier but I don't do dry felting with more than 6 at a time - even if they are well behaved someone is sure to stab themselves if you don't supervise carefully!!


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                    6 is a just right number for doing crafty things and having time to give everyone any individual help they need. By the time you get to 10 you need teacherly skills - ie come up with a tatics like "All to gether now, one, two, three, STAB!" Then that falls to pieces because you get those who romp away and want more and those who literally stab themselves and need first aid..........but I have to say the grown ups can be worse than the children!


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                      I'd say depending on the activity & difficulty level, a very minimum of £30 per hour, also depending on numbers & material cost - as several others have mentioned, you can either charge that as a straight £ per hour, or charge a set amount per person for x no. of people for a y hour session to equate to the same rate, if that makes sense.

                      For example, I run polymer clay workshops, and if I was asked by a group to charge hourly, my rate would seem very high, but when you take a group of 8 people, for a 3 hour session and charge £15 per person inc all materials, it seems reasonable. It's actually £40 per hour, which sounds high even to me , but take fuel & material cost away from that, and it's actually more like £25 per hour to me.

                      Teaching rates can seem very high to some, and people say to me 'wow, £40 an hour, you must be rolling in it', Yep, it's great to be able to charge £40 an hour, but for 3 hours, on average once every 3 months - it doesn't pay the bills, let's put it that way

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                        Hi all, and thanks so much for all the help!

                        A few conflicting numbers, but you've given me all the info I need to look at to work out a price I'm happy with. I'm not sure on what the numbers per class will be yet but I'll be sure to try and keep groups small. I won't feel so un-confident about going back to them now with a price, and fingers crossed they'll be happy to pay! I'll be sure to keep you update if it goes ahead



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                          I think it depends what are you live in and what the school is prepared to pay, I know round here they pay approx £35 - £45 per hour plus materials in the private schools


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                            as all the advice has already been givern, and i agree with them btw, i just wanted to say good luck and enjoy
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