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Which is the best approach to selling your products?

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  • Which is the best approach to selling your products?

    I would like to ask others, in their experience, whether craft markets manged to create more custom or whether advertising online was better?

    Thank you
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    I think 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other. You will get those that only shop online whilst others like to look and feel, visitors to craft fairs may collect your card and then order online, so all forms of advertising go hand in glove


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      try several approaches

      I think you have to take several approaches, some will work better than others, but you will find that they start feeding into each other. So if you do a craft fair make sure you have promotional material that people can take away giving details on where they can buy your products on line. And on your on line store make sure you inform people which craft fairs you will be attending.


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        As mentioned above also there are many websites now that offer free webspace so you could set up a small site for free.With only your time to cost just google free websites and loads will come up.If after a while you get a few orders you could maybe buy your own URL and have your own site but this costs where to others are free.


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          It really is a combination of fairs, website, FB, Twitter, email marketing etc, use all mediums that are available.


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            I've been selling at vintage & handmade fairs and also have started selling from etsy.
            Just got a website so hopefully that'll open some opportunities.