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  • Selling through a shop

    A month ago I posted about how I was going to go to my local craft shop and see if they'd take some of my stuff. You were all very lovely and wished me luck so i thought I'd do an update. My stuff has been in about 3 weeks - within a week I'd sold my first item - which was a lovely surprise. I got a message on FB yesterday asking me to take in more cosmetic bags 'cos she'd sold out of the ones I'd provided and also asked me to take in some other stuff. I'm having great fun - not selling too many but ticking over very nicely. Just hope I have enough left for a Xmas craft fair in November.

    Anyway, the main reason for posting this is that I know there were some other folk out there who were thinking of trying something similar but were maybe finding it a but intimidating - It certainly was a bit scary for me! But i hope this might inspire a few folk to give it a go and make the approach. Good luck!

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    Well done, I'm really pleased for you.


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      yes, that's fabulous. well done.
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        That's great news Helen. Well done for being courageous enough to approach them in the first place. I hope your sales continue to improve.



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          That's brilliant, well done.

          I'm also in the process of doing the same thing, and luckily the only shop I've approached so far, the owner has been lovely and friendly and is very enthusiastic about what he sells (all new-age stuff, from incense to jewellery to art). My personal take on this is; these people are there to sell lovely things to their customers, and they wouldn't be rude or horrid to a customer. They're unlikely to be unpleasant to you, and let's face it, we're providing them with gorgeous, locally-sourced, handmade stock which they can put a decent markup on and make a profit, so unless the stock is rubbish (which it isn't!) they'd be losing out by not having it in their shop.

          That's what I tell myself, anyway!


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            Well done Helen.

            Fantastic news for you and I hope it continues to go from good to great.


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              Congratulations Helen, hope they sell loads more for you in the run up to the silly season.

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                Great news, I'm working up the courage to approach some shops after my my daughters born at christmas. I figured a heavily pregnant woman might put some shops off if I attempt it now.

                I bet you feel a lot more confident about approaching other shops now.
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                  Well done. I have also been thinking about asking shops to stock some items on the high street too, but must say it's intimidating!!
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                    Thanks for all the replies folks. For those of you thinking about doing it - go for it. As Darkflights says the people running these shops are just about as mad about handmade stuff as we are and they want to fill their shops with good handmade stuff - and local is better. Hope you manage to get in Kezan after your new baby is born ( not sure it would put me off if it was my shop - might be a good talking point?)


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                      Thats fantastic well done you! You must be so pelased.
                      Ive been offered a space in someones shop for some of my cards and prints, but I haven't had the opportunity to make enough things yet- but I should definitely go about it ASAP.
                      It is worth it isn't it, but he sounds of your success.


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                        Hi, we are seeing two shops next week with a view to selling Christmas lines over the next few weeks. One is a community village shop and the other is a nursery run by a local charity. I just wondered what at what sort of discount to your normal retail price did you set your trade price? Some idea of percentages would be really helpful.



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                          well done Helen!


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                            Well done, i don't think i'd have the confidence to do it, i'm bad enough selling my things to my friends and family,lol x



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                              Lots of good points here - artists/craftspeople shouldn't be intimidated by shop keepers because without goods the shops couldn't open!

                              Never be scared to approach a shop owner - if you get a refusal, what have you lost? And you will get a 'yes please'. It's just a matter of perseverance.
                              Annie and Lyn