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Any suggestions for starter crafts?

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  • Any suggestions for starter crafts?

    My Mum is in her 70s and looking for something to keep her occupied during the winter months...she would like to make something but
    It cannot be too fiddly/intricate or require hand/wrist strength as she has arthritis in her hands
    Cannot require masses of materials as she has nowhere to store them (no more than one wheeled drawer set would be ideal)
    Ideally should not be too expensive to start with

    She used to knit but can't do that any more, has a good eye and she used make beautiful dried and /or silk flower arrangements but can no longer cut the stems/wires. She has a laptop and web access. She has no idea what she might enjoy but she would like to have an end product....although she is definitely not looking to start a business or to sell anything. She would happily seek a local class to learn how to do/make something...if she only knew what???

    I am a paper crafter and she is not interested in doing that but I am pretty clueless as to what else to suggest.... so I wondered if any of you wonderfully creative people might have any suggestions for her....There has to be something suitable...

    Thanks in advance...

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    If she liked knitting how about large scale cross stitch ? My Mum was the same and found that cross stitch with wool rather than fine thread was easy to see, didn't hurt her hands just threading the needle back and forth, she could make something like a cushion cover relatively quickly and be as plain or complicate das she could cope with. Smaller items are not overly expensive to do. There are lots of kits you can buy to start or buy the components yourself. A lot of the kits have preprinted canvases so easier to see than counting stitches.

    Hope you find something she likes.


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      Considering she can use a computer then perhaps she should consider something using laptop. Have a look at They have an array of different papers to do amazing things like decorative mugs and plates, transfering prints on to fabric, etc. Have a look at each paper as they have ideas and videos of what they can be used for. This would take up little space other than a printer (I expect she already has one) as paper is flat. I bet she would like to create personalised mugs for friends and family. The cost out lay would be minimal and occassionally you might have have to help if something proved difficult due to her limited strength and movement.

      Hope this is a good idea for your Mum.