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8 Paneled Gored Skirt

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  • 8 Paneled Gored Skirt

    Hi, Hope I have put this into the right place!
    I would like to make a skirt (Not for me). it has to have a 34 inch waist and a length of 30inches. thats the easy bit. How wide should I make the bottome of the skirt. and how wide should the panels be? any help please?

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    If y ou divide the waist band by 8 and add on seam allowance for each panel, i.e. if you want half inch seams add 1" x 8 on to the waist size which equals 42" divided by 8 = 5 1/4 inches top measurement of each panel. (That is an example, you might want less seam allowance but the principle is the same). As to the bottom measurement you will have to ascertain how much flair she wants. Maybe she wants just a 'flick' or perhaps the other extreme, circular.
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      Don't forget to think of her hips. Does she want a flat tummy? You'll need to measure round her hips, divide by 8, add the seam allowances and measure how far down the fat bit should be.
      Just as a guide, the top side bits of a paneled skirt tend to be straight, the side bits curved to match the hips and the back depends on the shape of her bottom. Is she a Twiggy or a Jennifer Lopez?

      I wouldn't make it that way. What I would do is get some cheap or I'm about to throw this away material. Draw a circle in the middle to be like her waist and cut out the hole. Draw another circle around it 30 inches away. Cut round that. Draw on the 8 sections and cut the slit where the zip is going to be.
      Now try it on your friend and pin along the edges of each section to make it body hugging where it needs to be and to a width at the hem that flatters her.

      When you are happy, draw (with a different colour) along the pins and number your pieces so you'll remember what goes where!

      I'm fenickity so I trace the left and right corresponding sides onto one piece of transparent paper and if the lines are not on top of each other I draw another line slap bang up the middle of the two splitting the difference.

      Works for me and you get clothes that fit and flatter.


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        Thank you,