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Unhappy today!

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  • Unhappy today!

    I am so sad, miserable and unhappy today and I don't know why.

    I've 'felt' this coming on for a couple of days now and right now I just want to crawl back into bed and forget about everything.

    arrrrrrrrr I hate feeling this way!!!

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    It doesn't help that the rain is pouring down.

    big hug coming your way. Hope you feel better soon!
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      Hope you're feeling better soon!

      Probably best place to be is in bed - its totally lashing it down here and I'm the only one in work and all the milk has gone off....... so I'm drinking 7up


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        I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so down today Pauline. I get this as well sometimes. I think it must be because we are such highly talented , arty people Joking apart..try to relax and perhaps do something that you a movie or even just have a nice relaxing bath. I find if I get a bit stressed with my business it will bring on my low times, step away if you can. Hopefully your down feelings will pass. I'll be thinking about you.
        Anice xx
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          Pauline - I know what you mean, I get days like that too. However, I'm sure something nice will happen for you very soon and you will feel much happier.



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            I know exactly what you mean. Are you getting ill because that always affects my mood. I find that silly little things like having the radio on help because it proves that there is 'a world out there' and that it's not just you feeling bad - hope that makes sense? If I'm feeling down too then a walk helps me - even if it's to walk up to the shop with the girls to get chocolate to boost my endorphins. Hope you are feeling better soon
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              Oh dear Pauline, I hope yo are feeling better. I get many days like that. Sometimes it's to do with the weather, other times I just can't put my finger on it. Put a bit of Wham! on - that will perk you up

              Well, it works for me anyway

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                Oh Pauline I know that feeling so well. Horrible isn't it. I'm afraid I take the easy way out when I feel totally miserable, I like to pinch the duvet off the bed, snuggle up on the sofa and munch a bar of chocolate while watching a weepy film (if its a good cry I need), or read a good book. Can't say any of it 'cures' me....but it goes some way to help .
                Really hope you are feeling better soon. Indulge yourself.
                Lots of hugs x


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                  BIG HUGS 2 U !! Been there too.. its a weird time of year when we are between seasons and I suspect we didnt have as much sunshine as we all need this year to keep our happy vibes up ! Just take a bit of time out to be nice to yourself (warm bath with nice smellies... G&T... choc.. girly mag/film etc.. and maybe even a darn good cry to purge the depression !). At least lots of people on here are thinking of you & caring.. hopefully that'll bring a little warmth to your mood


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                    tomorrows another day

                    hi pauline, not to worry tomorrows anther day , we all have have our low times,its only natural. i cheat, i just tickle my kids till they beg for mercy , the smiles on their faces is enough to brighten my darkest of days , besides if i resorted to a bar of chocolate each time i felt low i`d be the size of a small house by now!, so i`m sending you a big hug a two extremley cheeky kids smiles to brighten your day tomorrow xx
                    grab life by the reins and hold on tight !


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                      Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, bless you all! Thank you so much for understanding and 'being' there for me, it means a lot!

                      yes, today is another day and I've given myself a good talking to over my morning coffee and I intend to 'lift' it all up (including tummy <winks>) and move on from yesterday!!

                      Thanks again

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                        Good job you are feeling better lady, maybe it was the weather, although Im weird I quite like it when its raining really badly, especially when im in bed and I can hear it against the window, anyway! heres to a new day
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