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How do I delivery my Wedding wishing trees??

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  • nattynetty
    I've never heard of them before but took a peek and think they're a great idea.

    As for posting them, personally I'd buy a postal box that's long enough and place all the branches inside along with bubble wrap and foam wotsits so they can't move around. I'd then get another box to fit the vase and pack with bubble wrap. Finally I'd put both boxes (along with the other bits) into a bigger box and fill the gaps with more foam wotsits or those air pocket thingies and include instructions on how to reconstruct the tree. The foam wotsits aren't too expensive if you buy off ebay and the extra boxes will make sure the couriers won't damage the delicate and breakable items.

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  • fabfavours
    started a topic How do I delivery my Wedding wishing trees??

    How do I delivery my Wedding wishing trees??

    I've recently started a wedding stationery business (i've been trawling the very helpful section here on this forum on 'starting a craft business' ) but have hit a hurdle.Please help!

    I handmake wedding wishing trees, they are very delicate and usually quite large (3ft tall 2ft at widest point) the branches are prone to breaking if miss handled. I've supplied a few orders locally (Yey!) but I've had an order further away and am in need of some advice from the brilliant crafters on this forum!

    Can anyone give me any pointers about packaging something like this? I've researched courier companies and understand how to send the item, but not how to pack it/protect it properly. I have a page on my website dedicated to wedding wishing trees (see web address below) I'm not trying to advertise my website but just want you to see a picture to understand the dilemma!

    Please accept my apologies if I've broken any rules.... This is my first post and this forum is so helpful I love it!