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wedding invitaions for a wedding abroad

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  • wedding invitaions for a wedding abroad

    ok, im needing help, iv been asked to make up wedding invitations for a freind who is getting married in st lucia. thing is iv never made 1 before. so any help and ideas would be gratefully received. xx


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    Hi there

    What kind of thing do you want to know?

    We got married overseas so I might be able to help, however our invites were just for the reception party back home not the actual event.

    I'd be happy to help if I can

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      well im just not sure on how to do it really, they are only wanting 12 made for the ppl that are actually going to st lucia for the wedding. some ppl say do like a beach on the front, but dnt think i can, think might just get a wedding embellishment or something.
      the other thing thats bothering me is the writting inside, im not all that great a writter and cant do fancy stuff, so not sure bout that?


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        If you look on wedding invitaition sites they have the inserts you can put into a card with a place for date/time etc.Or Im sure Ive seen rubber stamps with a similar layout.

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          I'd agree with Seahorse about getting ideas for the inserts from other sites. You could also look on some of the wedding forums, if someone hasn't already asked why not post the question there too.

          As for the card design, I must admit I went with an ordinary wedding embellishment for mine but you've got me thinking about your beach scene. You could use sand stuck on with double-sided tape or (if you don't mind mess) glue. Another idea could be to print out a small tropical beach sunset (look for free pictures on google) and use a diecut frame or aperture card to mount it.

          Good luck with it all and if you're as indecisive as me why not sketch out a few of your ideas and ask your friend to choose which she prefers....and I'd love to know what you finally decide on

          Take care
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            might be able to help

            might be able to help please pm me!


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