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Back on form! Me = productive!!!

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  • Back on form! Me = productive!!!

    Well it has been a while since I had my second little boy (Nov last year) but since having him I've been absolutely rubbish at getting stuff done. I've had a couple of false starts thinking 'here we go I'm on a roll' only for it to be very short lived and for me to lose motivation again. Lots of things have been going on this year to do with family and quite frankly it has been fairly crap - other than our own little family unit which has been brilliant. It really annoys me that I feel unable to make stuff when turmoil is around me, I wish I could just use crafting as a way of blocking it out, almost as a form of meditation.

    This week I decided it was time I sorted myself out and stop letting 'things' get in the way - although 'things' are fortunately soooo much better now. I thought I'd start off with a little project for my eldest son's birthday and make him a chef's hat, then I decided I'd do him an apron to go with it, then I decided from out of nowhere to make all the children in my family apron's for Christmas. Amazingly enough I've kept going every day until I have a nice pile of 10 very cute appliqued (with freehand embroidery - go me!) aprons.... the chefs hat?!? Hmmm Not started that one yet!

    Does anyone else set out to make something and then end up doing something completely different from their original idea? I nearly always do it, it drives my husband bonkers. I'm not very good at finishing things either, he calls me 'half a job Ali'

    Anyway I'm soooo keeping my fingers crossed that I have got my sewing mojo back.
    Really want to share pictures, what are the chances of the recipients seeing them do you think? Hmmm

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    Can't believe the time has gone so very fast. Nearly 1!
    You can't push creativity. It either happens or it doesn't. it's a tempremental thing and can easily be put out by new arrivals, stress etc. You must really have you hands full with your little boy and you'll never get another chance to live his early years over again. Just enjoy being mummy. If you get the urge to create ~do and if not ~ don't. Take the pressure off.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      I know nearly 1!!!!! He is delightful but very very clingy - total opposite to my first boy. There is absolutely no way I can make whilst either of them are awake so its night times only which suits me fine. The pennies really do need to start rolling in sometime soon though, so needs must!

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        Well done in getting crafty with the pressure of raising a family. Being a mum is a very important job, but remember there is more you than just being a mum. So when time and the urge get you you, a little sewing will certainly help keep you sane. If you also sell a few items then you might be able to get a few treats for boys.

        Keep up the creative drive and follow the flow of what happens. Sometimes new ideas come at the strangest times. Just follow your instinct and I feel sure you will create things that others will treasure.