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    Hi Everyone,

    Wa whooooo.... For my birthday last month my DH bought me a ticket for a balloon flight.
    Well I went this afternoon. It was fantastic. I'm still excited, so much so I want to go again. ... The flight was over much too soon. although we were in the air over an hour.

    I have just tried to up load a pic but I think they are too large. I will upload them on my blog so you can see them.

    I can't believe how excited I still feel. I have got to go to bed now but I think it might be a while before I will get to sleep.
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    Regards Sue

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    You're a brave person. I'm not sure if I have the courage to go up in a balloon.

    You Go Girl!


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      Wow! Lucky you! I have a bit of a fear of both flying and heights so I think going up in a hot air balloon is never going to be on my list of things to do! I was driving home the other day and we saw one ready to take off in Fernhurst so quickly drove over to the park to watch, it had so many people in it we wondered if it would actually take off! (it did of course!)
      Dearest Jackdaw



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        What a lucky lady, you must be so proud your OH bought you such a woderful experience for you birthday. Much better than a fancy meal out.

        Near where I live on the North Downs in Kent there is a steep grass hill with a bench at the top to admire the view. I love taking my labrador there, she drops an old football and watches as it rolls down about 300 feet before giving chase. On Sunday late afternoon I was there admiring the view and in the distance I counted 4 hot air balloons. Watching them very slowly drift across the countryside was very satisfying. One I thought had landed as it disappeared behind some trees, but it had dropped down in a valley and reappeared about 5 minutes later. None of them seemed to travel very far on the very light breeze and by the time I left for home I could still see all of them.

        One day I must book a flight as I would enjoy the tranquility of the flight. Another thing I would also like to try is a gliger flight.



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          Ohooo I most certainly agree much better than a fancy meal out. although I wouldn't turn it down.

          I have always loved watching hot air balloons, and have always wished I was up there in one. So wishes do come true if you can wait long enough.
          I can guarantee you would enjoy the flight. I found it very exciting and tranquil at the same time, it was just marvellous.

          We have a Labrador and he's daft as a brush. He didn't read the labrador book though cos he doesn't retrieve, Just looks at you with the look "well you threw it you fetch it" and he's not too keen on water either.
          Regards Sue


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            Wow, that must be exciting! I would definitely enjoy it, my only concern is the weather, we don't have many clear and calm days here.

            I remember the last time we went to an air baloon show the wind was so strong that no one could fly, even some tried to blow up their baloons, it was useless.