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  • where to buy craft supplies

    Hi this is my second post so please go gentle.

    I'm looking a buying some card and ribbon etc to make mine and the mrs's wedding invatations and was wondering where to buy the materials from without getting ripped off.

    I'm guessing places like hobby craft will have your pants down as soon as you walk in.

    So where do people get their materials from?


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    I buy my paper and card from papermilldirect - try their website.
    You get a box and just fill it with whatever card or paper you want - as many sheets of as many colours as you like. It was about £4.99.
    So if you want card - have a look.

    If you want shiny ribbon, florists ribbons are cheap.
    If you want fabric ribbon, try a local haberdasher/dress fabric shop.
    Annie and Lyn


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      When I wanted to buy a 'starter set' for my mum for Christmas, someone from the forum put it together for me. I can't remember who it was, but I told them my budget and they did a lovely job... it inspired my mum at least.
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        I also use Papermill Direct, I got the card for my wedding invites and place setting etc from there. The good thing about them is you can get a box of card and mix and match the colours you want. Link for you here!

        Also for the ribbon I use which I used also for my wedding and I use for my craft work I get from Ebay, I was a bit reluctant at first but everything was fine with the items and I have ordered again off them so I would recommend them. They have a wide range aswell. They do come from China so it does take a few weeks to come but worth the wait.
        I have popped the link for you.

        If you didn't want to order from them you could also try your local market.

        Good Luck with your search.
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          hobby craft aren't that bad for card (ribbons are silly prices)- they have some cards 100 for £5, which is what I try to go for. has some at this price too. If not, I peruse ebay to see what people have on offer.

          lucy xxx

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            Do have a look at PDA card and craft....they're well priced and the card is very good quality! I made all my brothers invites and order of service and place cards using card from them x
            Sarah x

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              Abakhan fabrics sell bundles of ribbon fairly cheaply. Or possibly a local market stall.


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                I buy my ribbons from crafty ribbons (they have a website but I am not allowed to insert URL's until I have made 25 posts :P they have a massive variety and arent badly priced. I also buy a lot of my crafty stash off ebay, in particular a seller called fluffpie who is very reasonably priced and posts same day. I also buy my card stock from papermill direct although The Range also sell very cheap packs of cardstock by Docrafts which I find to be really good value for money. Lovely to see you making your own invitations - good luck!


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                  Why don't you personalised the ribbons? I order mine from, they look great and add just that little extra:-)


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                    Hi Matt,

                    Please take a look at our website we have card blanks with envelopes packs.
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                      look for international crafts
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                        Try, or if you don't mind ordering from the states, hobby is fantastic! Also worth signing up for their newsletter, as they send out a coupon every week.
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