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Newbie seeking advice please x

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  • Newbie seeking advice please x

    Hi there!

    Not really a crafty person but hoping to do a LOT more in the run up to xmas!

    I want to try and make this type of thing; il_570xN_246663395.jpg

    and have ordered embroidery hoops. The stitching of things like mountains etc will be ok, I'm just unsure of what fabric is best to use? And how to go about getting the writing on? Paint with a stencil, stamp?

    Any tips would be fab thanks x
    Mummy to Riley age3 and Yasmine age1

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    I can't help with practical aspects but I love this...the wording is just fabulous.


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      Hi Welcome to the forum... could it be stencilled on or done on a embroidery machine maybe?
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        Well, to me it looks as if it was painted on with a stencil rather than stamped on. Simply because of little details. Some letters are slightly further apart than others, a couple of the letters are just barely out of line with the others, as if the person moved an alphabet stencil around the canvas in order to spell out this phrase.

        Personally I love this. I'm currently pregnant with my second babe (not sure of the gender yet though...) and I think this would be a lovely sort of phrase to hang in the nursery.
        I had "all because two people fell in love..." over my son's crib when he was a babe because he was our honeymoon pregnancy.


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          Thankyou everyone!

          Suzyhomemaker that is such a lovely idea, must have looked gorgeous above his crib!

          I don't have an embroidery machine so will just get some new thread and do the mountains etc by hand.....would I be able to get a stencil for letters etc on eBay for the quote?x
          Mummy to Riley age3 and Yasmine age1


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            Well, I'm not sure about ebay but if you search for "alphabet stencil" on amazon, you'll see several different options ranging in price from £2-£4
            And I know its a bit of a pain to move the stencil around and line up all the letters just right but the thing about buying alphabet stencils instead of phrase stencils, is that you can use them for countless projects. More bang for your buck, so to speak.


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              Seriously cute!! I'd recommend working on a high count linen and you could print out the text you like in thick bold lettering and actually trace the work and perhaps backstitch the outline of the lettering or even use a satin stitch.