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Opinions on real fur

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  • Opinions on real fur

    Whats everyones opinions on using real fur in their crafts?
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    I don't use material as such in my craft work, but if I did, I don't think I would use real fur anyway.

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      Sometimes its good for the soul to take a step back and not trade life in for a material - no matter how beautiful and sensuous it may be. Surely even the desire for perfection that so many of us as craftspeople have can cope with some boundaries?

      I would not get judgemental about people that do use it, by the way.
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        What do you want to use the fur for?

        Personally I wouldn't use real fur (but then I'm a paper crafter and have only dabbled in the odd cuddly toy).
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          I have been given fur items to sell on, I can't really handle it as I am allergic to it.
          There are mink coats, hats, stoles, fox pelts but also there are bits of fur fabric (fox I think), just getting a feel of what I could possibly sell the bits of fur as. IYSWIM
          Not my kind of thing at all, but each to their own.
          Opinions of any kind welcome, I couldn't use it, I can only just take a photo of it.

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            Having done the 'inhumane' thing to death, a few more adjectives for fur products - repulsive, disgusting, pathetic, ugly, desperate, and inhumane. It's quite difficult giving an opinion on the use of fur without swearing. If someone wants to wear fur, give 'em a gun and tell them to kill it themselves.


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              Why would anyone want real fur when the fakes are just as good if not better looking. I personally would never wear real fur or use it in any way.
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                fur belongs on animals. I was offered real fur vintage hats to go on my web site ... I turned them down. personally I find it disgusting.
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                  Thank you for your opinions, Just wanted to get an idea from crafters points of views.
                  There are a few people who love it, but mainly people hate it.
                  Yes, I agree, it's not the nicest subject, but I hope you don't mind me asking.
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                    Personally, I don't like it and I'm also very allergic to it!!

                    My mum had a fake one once and I was allergic to that too!!


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                      Considering that one of the other domain names I own is that is currently being built as a vegetarian/anti-animal product information website you won't be surprised to hear that my opinion is that it should stay on the animals where it belongs. I'm not an extremist but other people have been known to tip red paint over real fur products which is probably the sort of attention you would probably wish to avoid!! I suggest you put it all in a box and give it a decent burial!


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                        I can't think why anyone would want to be using, or wearing real fur these days. There are fakes available, which are very good and available in every design and colour you could think off. The only place real fur looks good is on the animal it is meant for.