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  • Didn't We Do Well?

    So all those who braved the chilly winds of this "August" Bank Holiday and did Shows, Fetes, Fun Days, etc etc.... did you do well?, or do you wish you had stayed under the Duvet?
    I did Hedgerley Fun Day and took the table money with a reasonable profit on top so am very pleased.... much better than last year and although the Gazebo took off across the field it was a pleasant day with some very friendly people....My waning doubts of continuing my craft have been postponed....for now

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    YAY for you!!!!! Glad to hear you had a good day, some profit, and especially some friendly folk! Wahooo!!!


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      Why Thank You ... There was a man walking round with the tiniest puppy inside his pocket fast asleep and a little girl with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen, yes it was a lovely day thanks mainly to the people who enjoyed old fashioned fun like Welly wanging!!!


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        Yes, I had the best weekend ever! I was at my usual Saturday and Sunday venues, plus the Sunday one was open on Bank Holiday Monday too. I had record takings! Suddenly everyone wasn't afraid to spend money any more. Let's hope this keeps up...


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          i wish, my car had been sat in the garage all weekend so have sadly lost out some oh well better luck next year,

          and on the note off i pop to the garage to give them my new prop shafts so they can make it better ha ha ha

          Zoe Farley


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            I had a good weekend and other traders I was around did very well too, some having record sales! I do hope this is a turning point, but somehow I think people will still be careful with there money for a while longer.