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Whoo hoo, the power of Facebook and is it worthwile getting a blog?

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  • Whoo hoo, the power of Facebook and is it worthwile getting a blog?


    Has anyone else been using facebook as a means of selling their items? I received 3 orders for things last night, within a week of creating my page on there . Its been a great help, word of mouth and all that. Mainly the likes on the page are for people I havent even met.

    Does having a blog help sales? Im not very good with words but Im great with my hands, and I think I'd mainly just have photos of all the projects that I am making on it. But people like to read about it too and I think I'd fail at that and possible loose sales over it.
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    Great! But I feel it is absolutely necessary to point out that you have made sales because your stuff is cute yet useable and affordable.

    That combination is bound to be a winner!

    As for the blog (oops, just remember mine hasn't been updated all month, I went back to work!!) if you can't keep it up to date then don't start it! But, as I am a really good example of how not to do it, it can only take 5 minutes a day to keep it going.

    Have fun xx
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      Your facebook page is lovely! Well done and I'm pleased that you have orders from it.

      I would say that our blog has been good for generating sales, but years ago we started the blog just to 'connect' with like-minded people and we give away a lot of free tutorials on it.
      When we decided to use the blog as a selling platform it was already well established, but I can't see what harm it would do for you give blogging a go.
      You can open a blog account for free so all it would cost you is a bit of time and effort.

      Good luck.
      Annie and Lyn


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        i am trying to organise a Facebook page, so am glad to hear they work well! as for a Blog, i also have one, its great fun to write and if people are curious they will look!!!

        I think its a great idea! keep up the good work!

        Zoe Farley
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          Well done on the Facebook sales. I'm still getting to grips with the best way to use it, although it's definitely helped in getting the word out at times.

          I'm a great believer in blogging (but I love to write). My blog has worked really well for me. If you don't write much then at least use a lot of your key words to get found in Google (make what you do write work well for you) and link to where your readers can buy. If you're good at photography then you're halfway there already because blogs which are picture-heavy are the easiest to read.
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            I've just finished writing a post all about improving your reach on facebook, it's actually a review of a new website that is designed to boost your fan numbers - sounds like you have already got it right with 3 direct sales though.

            And yes - get a blog - it's a great way of building up traffic by being able to target particular search terms through using keywords in your posts as well as to encourage people to take an interest in you and hear about your back story/inspirations and works in progress .

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              I'd definitely start a blog! My facebook page has just got lots of random likes from people I don't even know, all who follow one of my blogs or other such sites where i mention my jewellery.

              If you would like an simpler type of blog why don't you try Tumblr? People wont mind if you only post pictures, in fact a lot seem to prefer just looking at pretty pictures, and people reblogging your post (don't worry, it links back to the original) really helps spread the word.



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                I've got a facebook page 'Just Cornish' but I only have 23 likes. :-(


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                  Hey that's better than me, I've only got 4, don't worry we'll get there :0)
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                    Some pages aren't as lucky as others! I have only just managed to get myself up to 79!
                    Which is nothing compared to pages like 'I love cheese' and other silly things!
                    We just have to persevere. Its great that some people are gaining sales through facebook though, very good!!!


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                      Yeah my Facebook page has been really good with getting me orders since i created it, Definitley worth detting one up! check it out -
                      Lotties Hand Crafted Jewellery.

                      Link to my facebook page below:


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                        Im still unsure about the power of facebook page, I try to update it regularly, add pictures, update status etc, but in the year i've had it I've only had 9 visits to my etsy shop via my facebook page, & one order outside of etsy through my page! will keep it up, but not sure how long for. Glad to hear people are having success though gives me some hope!



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                          To Karen
                          To be honest, although Facebook gets me a few sales, that is only from friends, suppose it depends how many % of people liking our businesses are just liking for the sake of it to boost no's and not actually interested, I reckon only 10% of people on my facebook are ones who would actually buy

                          In a pessimistic mood, lol
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                            Karen, you have some really pretty jewellery on there... I'd change my FB profile pic to your best piece of jewellery, rather than a picture of beads... show them what you can do
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                              Thanks for the advice! will go hunt out a picture!