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  • How to make something ridiculous?

    I have hunted down this forum in the hope of finding some inspirational ideas to put into my project.
    I am making a stage next week for a festival tent. My DJ booth is going to be a mouth with gold teeth. The basis of the structure is some ply wood which we will cut to shape. I am wondering the best way to make some really bright looking gold teeth and some luscious looking lips. There will be some lighting on it, a few LED par cans. Just using gold spray on wood might be a little bit poor, I think.

    Here's a mini mock-up of the stage
    Stage design lips.jpg

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Love the name Adam, and love the idea!

    You could ask for mums and aunties to make up some padded red material for the lips... a shiny waterproof material would also look good.

    As for the teeth.... I'm not sure what would really sparkle, but I bet someone else here will.

    Good luck!
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      thanks for your reply!
      shiny waterproof would look amazingly gross. Yes! Currently it's a 'paint on ply' type deal and feel that the lips would really benefit from being slightly 3D. Any ideas how cheaply achieve that (without being a major fire hazard)?


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        You can buy fire retardent material but I suspect that would get expensive, link £15 per metre, but lightly padded vinyl

        link not padded, £8.00 per metre.

        They would both look great suitable quilted with the right stuffing - often fire retardent anyway as it is used in cots/kids toys etc.
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          You could try Ods and Ends paint for the teeth. I would reccomend the Brass not gold, Brass is much brighter.( It dries like a plastic coating ) Then maybe sprinkle with gold glitter?
          I got my paint for Wilco not too expensive, but you look like you going to need a lot. I found spray paint quite dull.
          Hope this helps.

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            thanks. I'll try and remember to post up the finished product!