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    I have my first stall at an outdoor event the weekend after next. What do you use for your table? I was thinking about using my wallpapering pasting table but not sure if this might be a bit flimsy. Am loathe to shell out a lot of money as I'm not too sure how many events I'll have a stall at as yet, but am prepared to spend a wee bit.

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    I do use a papering table but it has been modified to make it more stable - however they are easy for kids to topple them over by leaning on them so not ideal. I have a couple of fold up camping table which are much better but cost more. You can get folding plastic tables which are much sturdier but unfortunately too big for our little car!

    For the sake of your peace of mind, I would go for the sturdiest and most robust option, even if it costs a little more. Plastic is also better if there is rain around as the wood will swell and soak it up!
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      I think it all depends on what products you are selling. As a potter, there is no way I'd trust a pasting table! I paid out for some very sturdy banqueting tables and they are brilliant.


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        Mine is a folding sturdy plastic banquet style table. Think I got it from amazon, this is my second year and I seeing it outliving me! As Ali says, not worth taking the risk with anything that could possible topple.

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          If you are not sure about 'fairing' and how many will need you to bring a table (they are often provided) I'd say use your paste table for now. If you do several fairs it'll fall to bits on you but at least you'll have had time to think through what you really need (size, weight, will it fit in the car etc.) and seen other people's solutions. Don't dismiss wood. If you are selling something that mustn't get wet you'll be wanting to keep your table dry too. My potter friend uses fold up wooden tables and leaves her stuff out in the open overnight! I've settled on tresles with planks of wood cut to different lengths. I needed versatility to fit into alsorts of different sized and shaped spaces and that's been the perfect solution for me. (I started walking around with a basket, then came my paste table, then a picnic table then one tresle table, then three.)


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            Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to stick to the pasting table just now and strengthen the middle with an extra batten which I'll screw on when folded out. I'm going to buy some PVC and attach it using bulldog clips so that should smarten it up a bit - unless anyone has any other ideas how to secure the PVC??. Its not too heavy stuff that I'm selling at the moment - mainly Drying Coats for Dogs, and maybe some welly socks and hiking socks if I get enough stock made up in time, but the predominant drive at the moment is the Drying Coats so weight wise should be ok. Was just worried about the table giving in the middle if someone leaned on it, but hopefully the extra batten should prevent that.

            And I'll definately have a nosy at other folks set ups and see what they're using.


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              I have a couple of plastic pasting tables (actually, probably some technical polymer - but definitely a type of plastic IMHO) which I got from Focus a couple of years ago. They fold up, the legs go in the middle for storage and carrying, and they have six legs - two in the middle - so they are quite strong and stable.
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                When I was using my (very old) hardboard and wood frame pasting table, I got a couple of lengths of 3"x3" cut to the same length as the legs and put them underneath the front and rear of the table at the hinge joint once it was up. Not a very classy solution, but it did the job.

                I only used 3"x3" because that was what we had kicking around the house at the time. It was probably overkill and 2"x2" would have done the job just as well.