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  • I can knit!!!

    I attended an art market at the weekend with a pal.It was just a bar where crafty people can go every sunday and try to sell things. needless to say we sold nothing, but here are some pictures anyway.

    The good thing is my pal who made all the knitted stuff taught me how to knit!!Its addictive!!Id remembered how to do the stitches from when I was little but never how to cast on/off!!Its so easy!
    Any other knitters out there?
    Il be listing my goodies that didnt sell on Folksy at some point, il let you know.

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    Well done you. And the more you do the easier and smoother it gets. And its a handy craft to just pick up and do for a few minutes without getting loads of stuff out or on the bus or train. I am taking mine to hospital tomorrow while I wait for OH. Cant wait to see your makes.
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      I found its addictive too. I'm just knitting the last sleeve to my waterfall cardi and then I'll be onto a hat!!! I, like you, am new to this knitting lark. I have probably only been doing it no more than 2 months. I have plans to knit my daughter a hat too and my mum a scarf for Christmas I'll have to do more toys to finish off those scraps of yarn, or start knitting squares for blankets, though am not sure how well different multicoloured yarns will go together.
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