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are you tidy or messy?

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  • are you tidy or messy?

    Hello everyone.

    Ive just been making a pregancy book for a friend and when i started you could see i had a desk but now ive just stoped crafting as ive got work tomorrow and i cant seem to find my desk under all the mess!! I always make so much mess with bits and bobs every where tool, glue, bits of paper, gem, stickers just a bit of everything lol
    Ill leave the mess until tomorrow. oh how much i love crafting but hate the tiding up apart.

    What sort of crafter are you?
    Do you make lots of mess?
    Do you get everything out?


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    Hello :-)

    I make a lot of mess and always promis to myself that I will keep the area tidy, but than I do mess again haha
    I am just starting :-)
    I am desperated for "likes"

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      My house is organised chaos. Looks a mess but I can usually find everything when I need it.


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        Originally posted by idasdiamonds View Post
        Hello :-)

        I make a lot of mess and always promis to myself that I will keep the area tidy, but than I do mess again haha
        I know that promise to well. I have a big sort out everything goes in its right box and before i know it well its a right mess again lol


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          Im veeeeery messy.

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            Are not messy and creative the same word??!!
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              I think most creative people are messy but can be organised and tidy when we want/need to be.

              I do clear my main working area each night so that I can get straight into things the next morning. The areas around remain a mess but I am another one with 'organised chaos'. It always takes me ten times longer to find anything if I have had a tidy up!
              Ali x

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                Messy while working on a project, but am learning to be a bit tidier to stop things getting ruined by my toddler!!
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                  It is said that you can't make an ommelette without breaking eggs.

                  Reading the other postings, I think I'm much the same as the others.

                  I love all my craft stuff to be organised, neat and tidy, but when I start on making something I become the messiest person in town!
                  When you're making something, pausing to tidy up seems to stem the creative flow!
                  Annie and Lyn


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                    I am messy, messy, messy and no matter how many times I tell myself to get better organised and clean up after myself - I don't listen!! lol

                    I do clear my table every 2 to 3 days otherwise I would just lose whatever is on there and never find it again!

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                      messy in an organised way. Although got a major re-organisation planned for tomorrow when things will hopefully get sorted into a more ordered state thanks to the 3 drawers units I've just purchased from Ikea. Might as well do a stock take while I'm at it then I can work out what I've already got.


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                        I am seriously messy! I have a tiny flat so the only place I can craft is on my lounge floor and everything i use is on 2 of my dvd shelves!

                        Too much stuff + not enough space = crafting explosion!!!


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                          To anyone walking into my house I am mega messy but everything is where it is for a reason. What looks like a mess is a map of my brain. It's just that I'm doing ten things at a time.


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                            According to my DH I am messy but I disagree to me it is creative ideas flowing


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                              I live and work in a creative muddle!
                              full time mum and very very part time crafter.