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    I want to make some felt pumpkins for this autumn, I've found a great tutorial but I have no idea how much wool to buy... I will be ordering online as I'm housebound at the moment and it seems most places sell the wool in 100g packs, how many packs would I need to make 5-6 large pumpkins (the large ones in the tutorial) and 10 or so of the small ones (again refer to the tutorial for the sizing)? Also, I can't quite hear what the woman says at the start of the video - the wool for the inside, is it just normal felting wool or is there some sort different wool used for the inside?

    Sorry for all the questions - I've never done any wool felting or whatever the craft is actually called >.< Also, if this is in the wrong forum section I apologise!

    Edit: I cant add links as I dont have enough posts - if you search for How to Make a Felt Pumpkin on Youtube you will find the video
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    PM me the site and I'll take a look at it...I am in a hurry and things like trying to find the right one always take me forever...

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      I've watched the tutorial and she doesn't actually tell you any weights at all.

      The green and orange wool looks very much like dyed merino wool tops.

      As for weight, I would guess that the lump of white wool she holds in her hand at the start of the video won't be more than about 10 grams and the piece of orange maybe the same or a couple of grams less.

      Hope this helps a bit.
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