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    hi all

    Not been on the froum for a while but i now find my self needing your expert advice

    There is a craft where you use cuttings from mags of adverts and then frame them. There is a proper name for this but can I hell as recall what it is.

    Thing is I have come across around 1000 old mags going back to the late 40's through to the early 90's. Iv'e shoved um on ebay but I think the correct name for the craft should be in my item title to pick up on the keyword.

    Any ideas?


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    Decoupage is where you cut out pic's and paste by overlapping then varnish over the top, more like a collage but not sure this is what you meant


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      thanks for your input Caroline but I think I have sorted where my chain of thought was coming from.

      Come up with ephemera, the following pulled from the net

      The term ‘ephemera’ covers a wide range of documents including leaflets, handbills, tickets, trade cards, programmes and playbills, printed tins and packaging, advertising inserts, posters, newspapers and much more. In the words of the society’s founder, Maurice Rickards, “the minor transient documents of everyday life”.
      Essentially produced to meet the needs of the day, such items reflect the moods and mores of past times in a way that more formal records cannot. Collectors of printed ephemera vary in their approach. Some focus on the ephemera of a particular trade or profession, others are interested in its social or graphic history. Other ephemerists collect documents simply as evocative reminders of the past.

      just off to put it in the title, if any can think of any other keyword please shout up, there all welcome, Cheers Andy
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        Ephemera are the physical items left intact... if you are cutting them up then Carole is right it is decoupage.



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          no I'm just leaving them as they are and hoping to out the lot in one go. I was just trying to cover all angles with the key words
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