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    Hello everyone,

    I've been on the forum a little while now but just sat back and read everyone else's comments rather than posting myself, but now I need a little help. I have just graduated from a photography degree and it's that dreaded job hunt time. I don't think I've ever really known what I wanted to do, and now perhaps more so than ever, but I do love crafting. Myself and my sister have been selling at craft fairs for just over a year so we have little experience compared to some and definitely do not have the funds to make it a fulltime business just yet (being a recent graduate too!) but we do want to carry on. Anyway I'll get to the point.. I wondered if anyone knows of any jobs within the craft industry that might be suited to someone like me? Or just perhaps a way of starting out. I'd be very interested to hear what people do and how you've got there. It would help me out a lot. Definitely stuck in a rut!


    Emma x
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    hi Emma welcome to the forum. what crafts do you do besides photography ? If you are selling already are you registered with the tax man? you really need to be registered as self employed /sole trader, even if it is just to keep the 'man' happy, if you are earning enough to actually pay tax then that is fantastic.
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      Hi Emma and welcome. I had noticed you 'lurking' Its nice that you have come out to chat. Can't help on the job front I'm afraid but hang in there, someone may know something.
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        I sent you a PM!


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          Hello Emma and welcome to the forum.

          In the UK 75% of jobs do not get advertised, vacancies filled inhouse and by word of mouth and being in the right place at the right time. If you want to work in the craft industry take a look online at companies house and search for craft suppliers etc then send direct approaches with your cv, follow up with a phone call after 10 days and try to find the name of the person dealing with recruitment in the HR department, that way you can ask for them personally. Art colleges are also a good idea as they may have a list etc, if you want to do photography why not approach photographers in your area to help them on shoots or in the studio, this may be unpaid initially or just costs but again helps you to gain experience and can all be added to your cv
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            Emma, welcome to the forum.

            You do not mention what crafts you are doing but why not combine your photography skills with your crafts. One person I know takes interesting photographs of bits or places of Kent and then prints them. Once popped in to a mount they are attractive in craft markets. He sells irregularly at Greenwich market ( and seems to do quite well, you could do the same but with Essex or London scenes. A regular stall at Covent Garden Market ( is another possible venue.

            I have also seen another photographer who does studio photos of people and then transposes them into a scene as a fairy. She even had one riding on a horse! A bit of digital trickery but looked brilliant. You might be able to do something similar like your customer meeting a famous person, playing with a rock star, sitting in a sports car or being at a well known place which is not ordinarily available e.g. sitting in the Speakers Chair in the House of Commons. Let your imagination run wild. You might need certain permissions but these could be lucrative.

            Best of luck.



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              Following on from Roger's themes recently Jill and I saw some pictures as words, they had photographed architypal bits of say wrought iron or masonary which resembled a letter then mounted them to form words such as Love, Dream very effective.