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Getting your other half into crafting?

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  • Getting your other half into crafting?

    Come on everyone, who else has managed to get their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/other into their craft? My boyfriend showed an interest in my jewellery and wanted to have a go, so I gave him some pliers and jump rings and with a little tuition he has caught the bug and is well on the way to making a byzantine weave bracelet and is already planning his next project! Added to that he has a business degree and said he will help me with accounting etc so we could have a good little business set up

    Has anyone else got their other halves into crafting, or do they just roll their eyes at you and let you get on with it?

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    Mostly I only got eye-rolling until he had to go to a market with me to help set up the new tent, and he decided to hang around a while. By jove, he ended up staying the entire day and had a ton of fun!! Then talked about nothing but crafting and markets and marketing for several days, then decided he would make guitars! THEN, after 30 years on the same job, he was suddenly made redundant and that clenched it, he went in to his guitars with a vengance and we now attend markets together every month!


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      My ex took a slight interest because he designed my website, in fact he still helps me with it now so he's kind of the only other person behind Raffles Bizarre. Though back when we were together I used to get him to help me paint charms etc when I had loads of orders, he quite enjoyed it, though being the perfectionist I am I would always re-paint them. :s


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        My hubby really isn't that interested at all although he's the technical brains behind my website so can't escape it completely. He's always attended any shows I do as I need help with the setting up and packing away and I do occasionally catch him chatting to customers quite knowledgeably so obviously some of it must be sinking in without him realising

        At the most recent show he made himself useful by helping some of the other lone sellers set up and carry things and also did a bit of door duty when a slightly suspect man was frightening the lady on the door and trying to gain entry without a ticket.
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          I started out making soap for our Granddaughter, when we were both made redundant we decided to try and make a business with it.

          Now my husband makes all the soaps, as I cannot lift the batches, we each have our own Farmers Markets and are very rarely out selling together at the same event.


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            Sadly Ive no other half to persuade.
            But recently meet up with a pal who has caught the knitting bug so hopefully she will be joining me with her knitting,the next time I try to sell my stuff at an art market.


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              My other half is brilliant. He does all the accounting, humping and dumping of boxes etc and makes the tea, all with a smile. I wouldn't let him near my sewing machine though!

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                No, which is quite surprising as his real job was printing which is quite art related. He is now a Historian and spends hours with his head in books and on Wikepedia etc., He does proof read my scribbles from time to time if I lean on him hard enough.
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                  my partner makes cards and paints glass, my only involvement was at a technical level. now I run a craft event and am starting a handmade soap business!!


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                    My OH's helps me at my shows, he always helps with the set up and usually stays for the day. If it's an evening fair he always stays. He's great with the customers, he has the 'gift of the gab' and the ladies love it. But as for sewing or painting... no. Although he has had a go at carving with me and loved it, maybe because it involved hammer and chisel.

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                      My OH has very little interest in actually doing any of the crafting, but he is picking up bits, like which gemstones are which, etc. Due to health problems, I can't leave the house by myself, so he attends every fair with me; he's my security guard. When my mam was first hospitalised, and I was down looking after my Dad for 6 months, I ran the business down, but he coped with the deliveries side of it for me, and even did a couple of adaptions from pierced to clip on earrings. Which for him is major; he's a total klutz.

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                        No way, do not fancy beads over the floor, glue up the walls and everywhere else, talk about uncoordinated this is someone who put some money into the machine at the driving range for a basket of balls and forgot to put the basket under the shoot, so chasing golf balls all over the car park!!!!! I don't touch his record collection he can keeps his mitts off my crafting stash.