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  • Old Blog or New One?

    Evening everyone. I have spent most of the evening "playing" and remeniscing with my old blog.

    I use to blog years ago when I was madly into my card making, scrapbooking, altered art and papercrafts - I haven't blogged for over 3 years

    Do you think I should carry on with my "old" blog for my jewellery making, or do you think I would be better starting a new blog? I have added a few pictures of some of the jewellery I have made on there.

    On one hand I think it would be better to start a "fresh", but then all of my lovely cards etc. are there. Would love to know what you think.

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    If the old blog is relevant then I would remain and just start up again, join us on Handmade Monday to get back into the swing of things.


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      I'd be tempted to keep the old one. Google likes websites with longevity - and reviving a blog rather than starting from scratch must be easier in that respect.

      All the old stuff, if you want it, is easily found and you can refer back to old posts more easily too, if you want to.

      And, yes, please come and join us on andmade Monday - we'd love to have you! There's a page about it on my blog:
      digital stamps for cardmakers:
      hand painted personalised plaques, clocks, canvases, etc:


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        I would think about reviving it and sending a note to your followers to say that you are back! You then have a ready made audience.



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          Thank you Caroline, Wendy and Roslet for your replies. Yes, I will try and take part in Handmade Monday, thank you for inviting me to join in.

          Yes, I think I will do some tidying up on the old blog and will carry it on from there. Gosh, blogger has changed so much since I last used it, so I guess it will be another learning curve.
          Thank you again for your input - much appreciated.

          My Blog - Angie's Crafting Palace


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            I've popped over to your blog and left a comment, I too think it would be better to keep this one rather than starting from scratch.

            Jan x
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