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  • Crafters selling on eBay!

    Hi there! I'm from a magazine called Craft Business and wanted to get crafters thoughts for a feature I am writing about selling your stock on ebay and whether it can be used as an alternative revenue stream.

    Do you sell stock on eBay? Does it work well for you? Does it take away from the bricks and mortar shops? Are the costs fair? I'd love to know all your thoughts on this, and if they are really great I can feature your comments in the mag!

    Let me know


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    Is it specifically Ebay you're interested in, or auction sites in general (Ebid, etc)?
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      We did try to sell some handmade items on eBay about three years ago, but we were very disappointed.
      We think that people go to eBay to find a 'bargain' rather than a new item at a 'proper' price.
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        I use ebay for supplies but would never sell crafts on ebay as most buyers are looking for a bargain not genuine handmade which if priced correctly would not be feasibly on this selling format. To sell finished items this way would to my mind undermind the value of the work you have designed and made yourself.


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          I've been selling on eBay since 2006, and most of my sales come from there - although a lot less than, say, five years ago. All the time that sales have been dropping, fees have been rising, options have been being restricted and sellers have lost any say in policy. There's just been another fee hike, and I've basically had enough. My eBay fees are extortionate compared to sales, it takes up a lot of time, one vindictive or just plain ignorant buyer can more or less ruin your business; it just adds up. So, I'm having a month away to see how it goes, and hoping I can translate time spent on Etsy and my website into sales.

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            I have a shop on ebay but purely to redirect potential customers to my web site. I do make a profit as my items are geared towards the teen market and my prices reflect this. I agree that the fees are horrendous and i have recently opened a folksy and etsy shop too which i feel are a lot more craft friendly. People who buy on ebay tend to be after cheap and cheerful, i won't knock ebay as it was the first place i started to sell and it gave me confidence to move on
            and find other outlets for my work. Just a shame the fees are so high.
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              I have an ebay shop and sell something like 150 listings a month and business is doing very well and increasing. I sell all over the world and feel very optimistic. I enjoy the design and product development and thinking up new ideas. Also creating good listings that are well worded, in the right categories and with good pictures is essential. Also I sell suff in quantity a lot of the time rather than just single items. Also pricing and the postage costs are quite critical to get right. Natuarally there is a lot of really cheap stuff on ebay but you have to create your own niche and be patient in building up a customer base. It will probably take two or three years untill things really start to take off. We did used to do shows all the time but it is exhausting, you are up against the weather and and you never quite know who or what is going to be around and about you. I also have a website but you must be careful thatyour sites don't conflict and don't forget to delete items that you sold on one site if you have the same one off items on several sites.
              I think that ebay and online is the future and a lot of businesses that start on the internet will go on to establish themselves in the highstreet and retail parks. As for the costs of ebay, yes they can be quite high, but you are writing out huge cheques to do shows and and if you put stuff in shops and galleries they will take a huge slice of the retail price. Regards Lozz


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                Have to admit that I considered ebay but decided against it as people who use it do so to find a bargain and that is not what crafting is about. The others are right about fees, I think you will find this is why a number of us sell on sites like etsy or folksy, especially as they are specifically set up for people who make handmade goods.



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                  I do sell on eBay as well as other sources. For me, I sell both handmade candles and candlemaking supplies and the sales (of both) are currently increasing at the moment. Whenever I look at a product for eBay I always search the direct competition there – how many and what prices. I think eBay is dominantly price led and people will go firstly for the price tag (I know I do as well on most things there!). If there is a lot of competition then I won’t go any further. If there are only a few it usually is worth it.

                  However, nowadays I feel that eBay dos not encourage the small scale seller it obviously prefers the bigger ‘power’ sellers. The charges and fees for low volume turnover can be prohibitive.

                  As said earlier, it is a great way of turning over stock, directing people to your website and is a useful ‘string’ to the bow.



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                    Think I have bought supplies from you David and agree for supplies ebay is brilliant example wanted some eyelets went to our local town yesterday £9.38 went on ebay £5.99 and free 1st class delivery, no brainer, no parking fee of £1.00 and no petrol. Okay had to go into town so not all lost but being a tight wad would not pay £9.38.


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                      I tried to sell on eBay once and was very disappointed. It is a good place to buy supplies but in terms of selling finished items, the buyers want cheap and mass produced, not handmade and thoughtful.
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                        Thanks guys, this is all really helpful. I see that TreasureBin, you sell craft supplies. How does this work for you? Does it provide you with a good revenue?

                        Does anyone else sell craft supplies on eBay? Rather than handmade goods?


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                          Hi Zoe,
                          We sell craft supplies on Ebay - mainly jewellery making findings along with some european charms and bracelets. Sales have slumped since around March this year when Ebay made a lot of changes and it seems that people are not finding our products as easily as before (we are not the only sellers to have noticed this - there are a lot of people in the community threads who say the same). Our sales have halved what they were and Ebay have recently increased the fees again.

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                            I have a website but do sell bits on ebay too.....I find it brings people to my website. I make cards to showcase the products I design on my blog and also for a hobby........ebay is an outlet for my card making hobby. I don't make mega bucks out of the cards and probably brake even on the cost of the materials and a little bit extra if I am lucky.......but at least they are not just sitting in a box with nowhere to go. The buyers are usualy from USA or Canada. I have thought about using Etsy & folksy but not sure if my cards would get noticed enough on there
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                              Hi Pinkgem and Angie,

                              Thanks so much for your answers, I really appreciate it. I wondered if I could be cheeky and ask for your email addresses? I'd love to email you a few more questions on this subject and get some comments from you for the magazine, if that's ok with you guys!

                              My email is [email protected], so if you're up for it then send me your emails and we get cracking!

                              Thanks so much for all your help so far, really appreciate it.