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  • Would you ???

    If someone offered you a display area in a shop for £10 a week would you take it , ? They stand the shop all you do is display your own stuff in there that you rent ?? Along side other crafters ?

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    Would I????????? For £10 a week????? I would jump at the chance - I rent a wall at a local antique/collectibles centre and although it will not make me a millionaire, I cover my rental (most months) and also get orders for personalised cards from there too. You really don't have anything to lose, the rent is low and I am sure you will cover it. Go on, give it a go - even if you try it for 2 - 3 months it is certainly worth a try.

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      It would depend on various factors. Is the shop easily accessible? Does it have a good footfall? Are the other goods in the shop similar to yours?

      There is something like this near where I live, but it's £10 per month instead of per week. However it's upstairs in a quiet, non-tourist type village and it's doesn't get a lot of people visiting.
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        YES!! Do you have anything to lose?


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          It certainly seems worth giving it a try, but you should have a look at the written contract to see if there are any terms that you may not agree with (eg would you need to agree to a minimum term?). Also, check out whether they would also take a margin from any sales in addition to the weekly fee.

          On the face of, however, it sounds like a good idea worth exploring further.


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            It sounds good and worth a go just been quoted £250.00 per month local


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              wow is that in a city centre thou .? this is in a town so price reflects that i suppose. Do you do your own advertising or do they do it, also what happens about packing your stuff when someone has bought it do the shop supply it ?
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                No not a city centre just outside Farnham a town. Most stores will have packaging materials you generally just supply the products.


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                  ahh ok thanks


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                    At the centre where I rent a wall, there are staff on duty who take the money, record the sales, and wrap the purchases. The rent paid covers their salaries/wages. Payout is every Monday and Friday and it works really well. The building was purchased by someone new appx one year ago and they have transformed the place. Clean and tidy, vacuumed regularly (which it wasn't before), flower baskets hanging outside, very welcoming. Re-arranged opening hours, one late evening every couple of weeks and so much better than previously. They now have a website and dealers have pages, pics, etc on the website. It is run very efficiently and the new owners are very helpful.

                    One craft project, like one cookie, is never enough!

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                      I would deffo give it a try, if you think you prob spend £10 a week on magazines, coffee, chocs etc etc you would have potential new customers. I would ask the shop owner to keep a supply of your business cards too if people show interest and want to order something from you direct.

                      Have you got to "sign up" for a minimum number of weeks?

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                        Just to add its actually me that would be setting up the shop here in Derbyshire so thank you for all your advice and any feedback


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                          Some area that would need to be discussed? Especially for more expensive items.

                          What would happen if some items were stolen or damaged/shop soiled?

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                            Yes agreed Jane x


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                              It seems like a good deal to me but I think it's worth doing the sums. Most retailers take between 30-50% of the sales prices as commission. This would therefore mean that you would need to sell approx. £20-30 per week for it to be on par with that sort of offering. I'm not sure what you're selling but for example if its cards at £3 each, do you think you'll sell 10 per week? Or if it's jewellery at an average of £15 each, is it realistic that you'll sell 2 a week? You might already have an idea of this but if not, it's something to bear in mind when you're reviewing the effectiveness after a few months of trying it.
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