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  • Tip of the day!!!!!

    I've been told various methods of getting paper backing off of fabric samples all of which sound a bit lengthier than I have patience for - soaking, freezing, rubbing alcohol followed by washing etc etc.
    Today I decided to actually google the problem! And lo and behold I have an answer for those slightly impatient people like myself - IRON IT OFF!
    Just make sure you put a protective piece of paper between your iron and the fabric - you don't want any of that sticky stuff on your iron. It takes literally a couple of seconds and then just peel it off.
    Why on earth didn't I think of this before?!?
    Anyone else got any other good hints and tips?

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    thanks ali bear, thats a real good one. iv had that problem in the past and i think i gave up on the idea of using them.
    im sure i have lots of handy tips but cant think of any right now but will come back to this thread later to add them !


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      Really??? Just iron it off?

      I have a bag of the stuff that got Freegled to me as the nice lady hadn't managed to use it. I had just about lost patience with it!

      But if I use my fusing iron and parchment paper (bought cheap just in case) I can just iron it off?

      OMG! Thank you so much! A brilliant and very timely tip. Ta!
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        Good tip!!!

        mine for the morning is when using greaseprof paper for tracing out patterns, use MASKING tape not sticky tape or glue to stick it together. As the masking tape actually sticks!!!

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          Ahhhhhhhh masking tape! Really? Wow, who da thunk eh? I always wondered what masking tape was supposed to actually stick to!
          And yes Stef, I just used normal a4 paper - would probably have been fine without anything to be honest but better safe than cleaning an iron unnecessarily. I think I used medium setting, but all settings would work I think. No need for steam or anything.

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