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  • Own website or do you pay someone?

    Hi all, Im just curious as to how many of you made and maintain your own websites and how many of you pay a designer to do it for you? If you do your own, did you use a website builder or do it from scratch? If you pay someone, do they maintain and update it for you or do you do it all yourself after the first set up fee?

    Ive had a year or so out of jewellery making and looking to really take it seriously this time but my website needs updating and although I cobbled mine together, I dont have the technical know-how to do what I want to do with it so just wondering what other people do

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    We paid to have our sites built, then we populate and make any necessary tweaks, or if busy we ask our "man wot can" to do.
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      Hello there,

      I recently created my own website for my handmade cards through Mr Site, he has 3 packages available and I found this to be the most cost effective way. Once you have chosen your package there are a number of different background themes, fonts, colours etc that you can choose. I have no complaints so far and found it very easy to format my own website.

      Good luck with yours.
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        I use moonfruit. I think it's about £50 a year. The basic templates are given and I just upload onto it. The price includes a domain name.


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          I use Weebly - it's free, easy to use even for an idiot like me, has lots of templates and backgrounds, and sets up a shop with Paypal for you very easily. It has drag and drop features so it's easy to build it yourself - just go and look at the demo. I pay £29 for my own domain name, but if you don't mind having "weebly" in the middle of your site's name, it's totally free.


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            I use Clikpic - £35 a year and it's fairly easy to maintain. I especially like the 'make your site live' button which means you don't have to faff about with FTP!!


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              I bought the software and do myself


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                I purchased web plus 9, and do it myself.
                Yes, it does take quite a bit of time to get used to it, and can take even more time if I need to change a lot of details on the site.
                But I enjoy it, so it is not a problem

                Also, having bought the package, the only ongoing cost I have, is the annual fee for hosting the web site through serif, which is very reasonable.



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                  I bought the software, hubby built it and I keep it updated.
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                    We use Typepad - costs £4.59 per month - but it suits us. Never had any problems and it's easy enough to use. We sell our eBook from there and we've installed a Paypal button that links to e-junkie which results in instant sales.
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                      Hi I suggest you go half way between making your own site and having someone paid to do it for you. By this I mean buy a shopping cart software, which allows you to make a pretty nice website that has all the commerce features built in without having to pay the 1000 plus bucks required to get a pro to do it all for you. These are designed for the novice and usually just require you to upload text and pictures (fill in the dots so to speak!), however they do require some degree of work.
                      some nifty ones I would recommend are>

                      X cart (pay once, no monthly bill)
                      Volusion (monthly bill, about 20 bucks)

                      For a detailed comparison of the different options I would check out toptenreviews>

                      they basically rate all the options for starting a new online biz according to different factors like money and experience.

                      hope this helps Merry
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                        I created my own, firstly with Mr Site then I moved to Create (which I personally prefer). It does take a little time to get together and some discipline to keep updated but an hour or so each week is enough once the basics are in place. I did the major work during my quieter months in January/February when I had more time to focus on the nitty gritty.

                        Create has a 30-day free trial period where you can give it a try without any outlay.
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                          I make and maintain my own website. It's based around the Zencart system which is free. All I have to pay for is the domain name and the web hosting fees.
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                            I made my website and update it myself. It's too costly to get someone else to do it, unless you feel you'll get alot out of it of course. The upside of doing it yourself too is it's makes it more personal to your craft! Sure it can be hard work but it's worth it.
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                              I applied for a business enterprise grant for start ups from the local council. it meant a lot of work researching and providing a robust and meaningful business plan but it was worth it. We used the grant to pay towards two thirds of the cost of getting our own websit developed by a local web site developer - Kirsty Burgoine. It will go live in 3 weeks time.
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