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  • Who has purchased from who?

    As we all know what a diverse talented group of people we all are, with various crafts and talents, just wondered who has brought items from fellow crafters from this forum?!
    I can't make cards for toffee, so have had some beautiful hand made cards from Christa and sniggle, also a nappy cake from laura67.
    I think it's so nice to be able to ask if someone can make something for you that you don't make yourself or wouldn't know how to!
    Has anyone else brought from another member, if so what???

    Anna x
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    I have bought a few items from CF members and some have bought from me.

    I do buy quite a few bits and bobs from - always found her prices very competitive and excellent swift service:-)

    Also bought some bespoke bags from again excellent workmanship and service second to none.

    Shhhh - we tend to swap at craft fairs though;-)

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      Me. I always buy from Crafters on here if I can as a special treat for myself. I buy all my cards , pottery, wooden stuff and anything else I can get. Best place in the world to shop.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Interesting thread.
        I have bought from Wendy at 1stuniquegifts, Curious Cat, Just Soaps and swapped with Picto.
        Could buy from so many others if i had the money!!
        Lisa x
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          I havent spent enough time on here as yet and intend to from now on in - I want to get to know poeple and would happily create a products for any of you! xx
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            I bought a picture from Seahorse...amazing pictures and I would buy them all if I could afford to. Take a look here: also I have callaborated with other crafters too (which is another good thing to do). For example YourTheme made me some fimo campervans once to put into my resin pendants.

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              I agree Carol it is the best shop in the world, i would rather support my fellow cf friends than buy some mass produced rubbish from somewhere. The amount of different wares we can see on here is amazing and the before mentioned crafters i have brought from have been so friendly and gone out of their way to make it perfect. Can't get that kind of customer service and attention to detail anywhere.
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                Sorry, I've not bought yet. I was off site for a while giving birth, but back now and I will keep my eye open for some goodies!
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                  I've already purchased from Bodrighy (and he from me) and will certainly visit other members' websites when I'm looking for anything special.



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                    I'm sure I'm going to forget a few people as I use this forum as a shop too and have bought from many members over the years. Off the top of my head....

                    Have now bought 4 personalised mugs from Claire (Daesul)

                    Bought some cooks soap from Jane (Greannancrafts) when she did an event near to where I live - my mum says it's brilliant btw

                    Did a swapsy with Mick (Shpangle)

                    Bought lovely smelly candles form Lisa (Candles-by-Lisa)

                    And bought a cheeky chicken doorstop from Lynsey (Swirlyarts)

                    Am sure I've bought more but it's getting late and brain has stopped working.

                    Edit, nearly forgot - I've also bought cards from Ruth (TipTop) which is a bit lazy as I'm a card maker too but some of her designs were just perfect for what I needed and took the stress away from me
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                      I bought a beautiful bowl from Pete.


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                        I can highly recommend:

                        Just Soaps
                        Christmas Pie Crafts
                        Apple Crafts


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                          Reading all these has reminded me that I have also bought from Jane at a fair her oh was at and jewellery from Selina, pottery from Charlotte Hupfield and I didn't mention that I get all my cards from Tracey and Paul. and on and on and on. Sorry if I have forgotten anyone, put it down to advancing years.
                          I would also love to tell you of the freebies I have gratefully received from various members too. People can be so kind.
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                          God helps them that help themselves.


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                            I have bought from [email protected] a lovely cake topper for my daughters christening cake, a hangy art thingy in the shape of a sheep from Balderdash and a personalised Christmas stocking from Extra Special Touch. Oh and I went to a house party organised by Meljov5 and bought some cards and a cushion and some jewellery, but I am forgetful and don't remember everyone who was there selling, I apologise to those people!

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                              I think we're sooo lucky to be members on here. It's the best market place in the world!