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What packaging do you use?

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  • What packaging do you use?

    Im trying to find the best way of packaging my jewellery for craft fares etc.

    What does everyone else do?

    I was thinking that rather than using jewellery boxes, i could use something less costly, and spacious, but I want it to look good.

    I know packaging is very important so I would appreciate any advice.

    Many Thanks xx
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    Hi, with some of my candles I use clear Cello/Polypropylene Bags with a home-made fold-over type label made from card for the top. To give you an idea here is a link to one of them on my website (just for illustrative purposes of course !!!);

    Maybe if you got some white thicker card you could make a 'back plate' to hold the jewellery within the bags and put some form of label/tag along the top to seal the bag?

    I have some clear rigid boxes as well I use for other candles which peeps have bought from me to display and sell their jewellery (bangles etc) which could be used.




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      I don't exactly do a lot of jewellery but I use bags that have been sown up out of remnant material for a lot f the smaller stuff. If you do it with old charity shop velvet curtains they can look really classy.

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        I use boxes....either earring size i get from PDA or bracelet size I make myself or ....I use them as they in themselves look nice on display and as I can order them in any colour I get them in shades of lilac to match my overall colour scheme....I also use lilac organza bags too with purple tissue paper....(can you see the theme appearing here lol)....seems to work for me x
        Sarah x

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          The cutest packaging and display I've seen , in my opinion, involved old fashioned window screening...there was a small rectangle of it cut out and affixed (can't remember how, darn it) at the top of the screen to a somewhat larger heavy card piece...the card was printed above the screen with the name of the woman's business and on the back, she had simply stamped her website and other contact info. The earrings were stuck through the screening. I'm not describing it very well, am I...

          EDIT: Let's see if I can explain better. The card is about 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and printed at the top with the name of her business. Just below the name, a smaller piece of screen was attached - maybe glued...just across the top of the bit of screen. So it was hanging loose. There was about a quarter inch of card around the bit of screen. The hooks of the earrings were put through the screen so the bottoms of the earrings dangled just above the bottom of the bit of screen. Does this make better sense? Wish I had saved picture is worth a thousand words.

          Then there's a woman at our fave market that has an old window, with peeling paint (though it isn't ratty - maybe she has sanded it a little and varnished it??). It doesn't have glass, just screening. The old kind, not teh wimpy fabric stuff. She attaches things (lightweight little plaques) to the screening. The whole window leans slightly against her tent pol, on a table. She also has a screen door piano hinged to another one so they fold flat together, and sets it up just out front of her tent. I don't recall how she keeps it from knocking over...

          I have seen earrings hung over the edges of teacups in saucers, on shelves...but the earrings were not packaged otherwise.
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            Whatabout plain white craft matchboxes, Baker Ross sell them, (tried to post the URL but can't) they are for kids to decorate but you could stamp them or wrap some hand torn paper and decorate with whatever you like really (work out about £13p each). As previously posted, charity shops are good for material to sew up into your own gift bags. I recently bought a few organza panels for around £1.50 each for 10' x 6' panels. Hope this helps.


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              The pillow packs are quite nice to use and easy to store as they come flat. I have some nice silver ones and I have put stickers on them with my details. I use a bit of tissue paper to wrap the jewellery first so as it does not rattle round too much. They cost about £17.00 for 100.

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