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I hate my Kandi Kane!!!!

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  • I hate my Kandi Kane!!!!

    Well I just went ahead and invested in a kandi Kane hot fix applicator and I have got to say, I am not impressed!!

    Reading the instructions it seems that you are to wait until you see the glue melt and the bubble melt - fine, then tap the crystal on your card and the crystal is supposed to adhere to the card, yeah right!!

    Half the time, the crystal gets stuck in the applicator and the glue just sticks to the card and the more times you try to tap the crystals the more the glue comes off.

    I have gone back to my glue and tweezers for the time being.

    Anybody having more success with their applicator?? Any tips??

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    Can't say i've ever heard of a candy kane before but i do sympathise. Theres nothing worse than saving up for something that turns out to be rubish.
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      Sorry can't help on that score - but I know it is hellish you save up for this super duper all singing all dancing piece of equipment - you give over your hard earned pennies and wait for it to arrive. Rip open the box go to use it and it is duff!!!! I have done that sooooooo many times. I suppose we are looking for short cuts and 9 times out of 10 it ends up the long cut (and empty pockets).

      Sorry about that.


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        Maybe I slightly misled with the word "invested", it wasn't a great deal of money - about £20 so I'm not too bothererd about the money side of it just more the fact that it's rubbish!


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          I have to say I absolutely love my kandi kane and use it on a daily basis.

          The first thing to do is to ignore the instructions.

          I have a small shallow tray which I put my gems in. Tweesers are way too fiddley, I found that half of my gems twanged out and shot across the room (and they are way too expensive for that). Get a cocktail stick and put a piece of narrow double sided tape on the end. Dab it against your clothing a bit to reduce the stickiness slightly. Dab this onto a crystal (which is crystal side up) to pick it up and place it where you want to stick it (it helps if you have longish nails to knock it off the end of the cocktail stick). Use the flat ended bit for the kandi kane and just sit it on top of the gem for a few seconds and it will stick in place.
          It might take you a bit to get the hang of it but it works really well for me, I have several stationery ranges with crystals on and I have to do a lot of sticking and I found this to be the best method.
          Another thing to consider is the quality of the gems, the best ones are swarovski ones, a cheaper but quite good alternative is I have had some really awful ones from ebay which looked really plastic and were awful to stick.

          Hope this helps and good luck with the sticking.



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            Thanks for tips! I am going to try your suggestion of using the flat tip rather than the one which picks the crystal up, This should also solve the problem of how to work with more than one size crystal at a time.


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              Sorry , I couldnt help,because i dont understand what you side.
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