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  • Excited :)

    I decided the other day it was about time I showcased my jewellery to the public, face to face, so I have applied for a couple of stalls at local events.

    I havent heard back from any that I applied for yet, but I did receive an email lastnight from someone who found me on FB and would like me to bring my jewellery to a pampering evening at a nursery. It all sounds like a really good set up.

    I just need to work out what type of jewellery pieces to make. I have less than a month to prepare, and only the evenings to work on making the jewellery as I work full time. so Im going to be a busy girl I think.

    Has anyone been to an event like this? If so do you have any pointers at all? its my first ever one. im nervous and excited lol

    Lucie Simmons
    Angels and Diamonds

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    I'm afraid I can't help you with your questions about that type of event or stock, however congratulations of being spotted.

    I'm sure if you keep applying for local stalls you'll soon hear back from other people soon as well!


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      How thrilling Lucie!

      Do you know how many people will be there as that will determine how much you take with you? Don't forget to take a wide range of prices... if you have stuff that is less than a tenner, that is great (for some it is a psychological barrier of spending) and also bring lots of cards and pictures of your other work, sometimes people will not buy at that time but will come back if it is a bigger purchase.

      I assume that you will be having a table/stand... I have some battery run fairy lights to add a twinkle as sometimes there are not enough electrical sockets to light your stall and don't forget to have lots of mirrors too, so they can see how great they look in your jewellery.

      I am sure others will be along shortly with more advice, but well done!