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cricut machine- making different dies from your own pictures

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  • cricut machine- making different dies from your own pictures

    has anyone used the cricut expression elite ( i think) to link to their computer to make their own dies from your own pictures. you have to get the software cant remember what it was called i will think of it in a minute ( something like cutalot i think that might be it)and convert the pictures you have to vector image or something ( i know I sound vague sorry)
    Well just want to know what it is i have to buy and if it works as i need to make a load of stencils and thought this might be the best way instead of cutting them by hand. From what i can remember as long as you have one cartridge it will work but it has to be on certain models any help will be appreciated

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    Ive found out now if anyone is interested the software is called sure cuts a lot (scal) it worked with the cricut machine and uses the images from your computer and not the cricut cartridges that are so expensive - but as i have looked around ive found out that there has been a lawsuit out by provocraft who own cricut to stop the makers of scal continuing to sell the software, a big thing in america by the looks of it and there is a facebook page boycotting provocraft products because a lot of crafters are saying either they bought the cricut because they knew they could get the scal software and now its banned so will make there machines useless because they dont want to only be printing out provocraft designs off their cartridges - or why should provocraft ban something when they havent come up with anything to rival it -the machine company says it wants you to be creative but only with their designs not your own - anyways the good news is some other machines work with scal version 3 but bad news it looks like the machines are ones that you cant buy here in the UK.


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      I have Sure Cuts A Lot 2. It is very good, however, Provocraft the Cricut manufacturer have won a court case against another company who make a similar piece of software called Make The Cut (MTC). MTC no longer supports the cricut machine. If you do get a new cricut machine or update your cricut firmware over the internet, you may no longer be able to use SCAL with your machine. I am not 100% sure if SCAL still supports cricut. For more information check out the Provocraft forum.


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        Yes ive checked scal no longer supports cricut machines - so this is why im about to buy a Pazzles machine its got software that comes with it and scal can be used with it also