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How to increase blog traffic? please help

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  • How to increase blog traffic? please help

    Hi I set up a cardmaking blog a while ago but can't seem to get many followers. Does anyone have any tips of how to increase visitors and followers?
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Hayley

    I've had a look at your blog and it's lovely and your cards are great ~ but I think you can make it more google friendly.

    You'll get a certain amount of followers by following other people and through twitter, but if you want people to find you through google you need to think like google searcher.

    For example, you have a lovely post of 20th May about decorating a trinket box. This is probably something a lot of people would be interested in knowing how to do and they would probably search for 'how to cover a trinket box in paper' in google - for google to show your blog in the results it needs to know what your blog and blog post is about and for that it looks at the wording and labels used. This means your labels should be words and phrases that someone would enter into google if they are looking for what you are writing about. Google pays special attention to headings so you need to put the words you are targeting in your headings e.g. rather than 'something a little different' you could say Covering a box with paper makes a lovely handmade gift'. In this case both 'covering a box with paper' and 'handmade gift' are frequently searched phrases on google.

    I could go on about this for hours but I'll stop for now, though if you have any questions please ask away.



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      Thanks Ursula, I hadn't considered using tags and titles that would show up a lot on google search, I'll definitely try it! Thanks again
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        You should join in with Handmade Monday organised by Wendy of 1st UniqueGifts , details on her blog. And maybe look into some blog card challenges. Blog hopping increases traffic
        Lisa x
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          Ursula is completely right about using key words in titles, tags, image titles and throughout your text as well. It definitely works in getting you found in Google. You don't actually need to do it for all posts, if it feels a bit much, but you'll notice it working for the ones you concentrate on. To make it work well, you need to be posting fairly regularly too.

          Lisa'a right too - come along to my blog and take part in Handmade Monday, there's an info page about it on there now. It's a lot of fun and will get you extra visitors and followers. The ones who post their link on a Sunday evening usualy get more click throughs.

          Keep at it, a blog won't be an overnight success but your visitors and followers should keep increasing steadily. Keep blogging regularly as you won't be able to build it up otherwise. If you have a dip in traffic, see if you can see why and do something about it. Otherwise, if it keeps increasing steadily, you're on the right track.

          Blogging about other people can help increase your traffic too. Other bloggers may send their readers over if they have a mention.

          Commenting on other blogs, getting involved in blog hops & link parties, adding your link to directories, posting on here or Twitter, Facebook, etc. - it all adds up!

          Good luck x
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            Thanks ill try your tips and I'll definitely join in with handmade Monday next week!
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              Good tips, I've just started blogging myself and wondered how to advertise it a bit, I'll try and join in the Handmade Monday too if you'll have me! x
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                Advertising is the most profitable way of increasing your blog's traffic. Think about the possible titles that are usually searched in Google or any other search engines.
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