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Facebook hacking beware!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Facebook hacking beware!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well last night my partner went on his facebook and saw about six messages on his wall typed in his facebook name saying hello and thought hmmmm I didnt do that

    The next thing is we both sat and watched six foul messages appear one after the other again in his name on his wall,
    it was one of those moments when you think is this for real as my partner wasnt touching his computer at all

    So he very quickly changed his password

    no more messages typed in his name on his wall

    next he gets some private messages asking him if he wants a well begins with the letter F you get my meaning I think

    So these messages came a few times till he managed to block the persons

    They were from India

    The next thing that happened was he was trying to close the page down by clicking the red x in the top corner went to move his mouse and it went the opposite way, it was like someone else was trying to move it the opposite way to what he wanted so it also looks like somehow they got into the computer aswell

    This computer was a completely clean install so no viruses, no keyloggers etc

    Ended up changing bank details and logins the lot

    Thought should warn you all as you all use facebook alot


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    Thankyou for that Angie, I am about to change a few of my details too.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Your welcome Carol

      Its a pain when it happens like that but better to be warned especially if people use their facebooks linked to their business websites


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        Weird that all sounds a bit freaky!
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          It was surreal to sit and watch someone put messages on the facebook when my partner wasnt typing or touching the computer

          his facebook was definately hacked that is a certainty

          also think they somehow managed to remote connect into the computer without it asking us for permission
          hence all bank login details changed, paypal details changed, everything he used a login for has been changed

          Also had to delete him as a friend off my facebook aswell.


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            One thing to make sure in Facebook is to make sure you are using secure browsing (https)...for some reason they default it to 'not secure' !! Check it in Facebook 'Account settings' 'Account security'.

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              Everytime facebook updates itself you need to double check privacy settings as they are always changing to something you didn't want. It's really annoying.
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                Originally posted by shpangle View Post
                One thing to make sure in Facebook is to make sure you are using secure browsing (https)...for some reason they default it to 'not secure' !! Check it in Facebook 'Account settings' 'Account security'.

                thats true, you have to make sure it says secure in the web address box. Check your settings for sure they can be a bit dodgy, recently i was seeing posts that my friends had made on other non friends posts, which made me feel like I was invading their privacy as I wasn't their friend.
                It must have felt like you had some weird ghost Angie I don't think I would have liked that at seems all a bit pointless really to hack you, do you work for NASA or something!!
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                  Thanks all yeah his security setting were fine he has it on the highest you can get and it wasnt changed as checked that after

                  just sat and watched his facebook account type message after message one straight after the other,

                  message was something like this "Iam gay does anyone want to F"
                  pretty discusting really


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                    That must of been scary, thanks for the reminder about keeping all security updated.

                    This warning is going around FB at the moment, I don't know how true all these warnings are but I always take note.

                    ATTENTION: If anyone posts a status to your wall saying anything about a dislike button, DO NOT CLICK IT ! It installs a virus called Virotrex which is used to redeem passwords and other sorts of information. RE-POST THIS TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE

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                      Hi Jan

                      Its always wise to take note of security warnings whether they are right or wrong

                      I dont click any link sent to me at all in email or msn messenger even when I know who has sent it without first confirming with the person whose email or msn was used that they did send it

                      Some viruses specially on msn messenger send out phishing links without the person whose sending them knowing as they arent sending them its just going through there messenger or email account as it has been compromised.

                      A decent firewall, antivirus programme and also anitspyware programme is really advisable.

                      I use seperate programmes for all of these and not security suites as the security suites can take up more memory and cause computers to run slowly have found this happening alot.