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  • Selling Crafts at School Fetes

    has anyone tried this?

    We did on saturday and disaster - two torrential downpours between 12 - 4pm the fete times. One lot hail storms. We were designated to a corner of the field but a few trade stands didn't show so not many people walked over (if they could see us as only us and another stall) so we heaved our stuff over to the inner circle! We missed potential sales I suppose.

    But do you think people come along for the tombola and other games rather then crafts? Our prices started at 60p so not expensive.

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    Think you (like me) were so unlucky with weather. I went to a local college for disabled on Sunday and it was their lowest number on the gate for many years . It was cold, windy and wet. Not a good day to attract families. They always buy lots from craft stalls as well as activities for kiddies etc.

    I like to support schools, colleges and any worthwhile cause. Off next Sunday to one that is raising funds for Deaf Community.

    Lets hope for better weather.
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      Not much you can do when the weather isn't on your side!

      I have found very mixed results from school fairs - some have been really good and others have been slow. I don't have anything under £5 and take a few of the bigger things too. Having said that, a lot of my stuff is geared towards kids - door plaques and the linke.
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        I have been doing Fairs for years, and mostly school fairs and church fairs etc....
        I think they are worth it but only if they are small indoor events. I tend to keep doing the same places a few times over so people get to recognise the stuff. Great if you have a website you hand out cards for?


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          I have pm'd you. Small blue oblong R/H in top red bar with "Notification" on it. Just in case you are not sure where to go. lol.
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            As Wendy has already said, if the weather is against you you are fighting a bit of a losing battle - especially on outdoor shows. Saying that, school fetes and fairs do tend to be well supported (although not always - my worst fair ever was at a local school) and if you have the right kind of products you can do very well.

            Any type of fair can be disappointing. My latest blog post is about the weekend I have had! This was a large (and expensive) fair in a well-established, purpose built pavilion and should have been fantastic. If you want to see what really happened -

            It is worth trying lots of different types of fair and had the weather been better, you probably would have had a good one this weekend. Sadly, if the stalls don't cost much or you pay on the day, there is a massive risk of no-shows if the weather forecast isn't good for the day.

            Good luck with your next one and don't discount this type of show because of one bad experience.
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              I've pretty much given up doing school summer fairs. Winter ones, yep, no trouble, they are great. Summer fetes, even at the same school - forget it. Don't know why that should be, as it's the same school, same kids, same parents....
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                I have had one successful school fair, then the few others i have done I have barely made my stall money back! The last one I did I sold one item to another stall holder when setting up & that was all! Very dissapointing!
                Havent given up hope, have one more booked so will see how that goes & then may well give up hope of having anymore success at them, I tend to also only do indoor ones incase of the british weather letting me down



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                  Thats a shame. Must be very disheartening. Just looked at some of your stuff on etsy. You have some lovely designs. Did you design them all? Have you got a website too?


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                    Interesting reading. I have been wondering about a school fete table for my first stall as it would hopefully not be too expensive, and give me some valuable feedback, if only on how to set up my stall. How do you find out about school fete tables though. Our school had them at the fete recently and I didn't know about it, until I got there! Have to ring round I suppose.


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                      Yes school fetes tend to be very reasonable with ref to prices, which is why I started to go to them, it's good advertising if nothing else, I try not to get disheartened by the lack of sales especially with the current economy no one seems to want to depart with their hard earned cash!
                      I tend to find them advertised on stallfinder. Also I put an advert on there which is £10 a year and I have had a few emails from schools that have seen it and asked me to come along to their fetes/fairs.
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                        Thanks! (if this was to me) yes I design them myself, no I don't have a website just the etsy shop



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                          I'm going to a school fete that has turned into a whole summer festival so I'm hoping for good weather. Fortunatly all the craft stalls are being put inside a tent so we should be protected if a little bit of rain turns up.
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                            If it is free and there is a guarantee of a reasonable number of people turning up then you have nothing much too lose and it may be a nice social occasion and you may get one or two good leads ie someone may offer you material or someone might offer to stock your work. At one time we did just about everything that was going and was quite a good experience and you learn what to go for and what to avoid. But at the end of the day you cannot control the weather and for outdoor type events have this is crucial as people won't want to stand about outside in the wind and rain.


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                              It's just like knocking your head against a brick wall.You can never know what people want!!!