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  • Our Blog is Up and Running!

    Not exactly sure what to do next, but have just submitted our very first blog post - woohoo!

    Hopefully this link will work - and remember, we're very very very new to this


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    Well you have made a good start! I am your second follower and have left your first comment...

    If you want to follow me, my blog address is in my siggy (spot the blatant plug for more followers!!! )
    Ali x

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      Thanks Ali I'm doing my best to follow you but it keeps calling me "support"! - I've somehow put that in as my first name and no matter how hard I try to change it, it doesn't seem to be working - give me some time and I'll get it sorted!

      Roz x

      PS - Sorted! We're your newest follower
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        Im following your blog (helen scott graphic designer)
        love your blog banner!
        'A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous' Coco Chanel
        Also would love you to follow my blog at


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          Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm sure you'll love it and it's great that there's two of you to gee each other up!

          Here's my two penn'orth for you:

          Keep blogging regularly - don't try and put too much into each blog post, so if you have 3 separate topics they can go into 3 separate posts (more blog posts makes it easier to blog regularly!). Make some draft posts for those days when you're frantically busy, ill or just can't think!

          Use lots of the key words you want to be found by Google for in posts, titles and tags (also photo titles). Where appropriate (if you're blogging about a new product, for instance) add in a link to where people can buy. You can do this without being too salesy and it definitely works!

          Use lots of images to keep it interesting.

          Create some static pages: an about page and a contact page are the two most obvious ones.

          Follow lots of other people and comment on their blogs. It gets your name out and provides a link back to your blog.

          Join in with things like my Handmade Monday (see my blog in my signature below) - helps with followers, readers, links, etc.

          Provide lots of links for your readers where you can. Google likes them & may see you as a useful resource, bumping up the rankings a bit!

          OK, sorry, that turned into a mini blogging lesson. But I thought maybe you'd appreciate it after reading your first post. I will shut up and go and follow you now x
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            I am following you now too.
            God helps them that help themselves.


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              Thank you everyone for following us - feeling very loved right now

              Wendy, thanks for all those tips - that's a great help - and yes, I do appreciate the mini-blogging lesson - I'll no doubt be back for more very soon

              Roz x