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  • Warning Paypal

    Check your paypal accounts. I happeend by chance to go into my business one and have a transaction on the 22/4 for $683.00 approx £425.00, have flagged with paypal as unauthorised and will notify my bank tomorrow, not that I think they would pay it as do not have those type of funds in my business bank account.

    Think they have taken the opportunity to do this over the Easter weekend in the hopes that no one will see the withdrawal.

    Not sure how they do this when you have not authorised it,

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    Oh no, I hope you get that sorted.
    Fingers crossed it all sorts out quickly too.
    many thanks for the warning
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      Thanks for that... just rushing off now to check mine.

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        Checked mine but it's OK but grateful for the warning, there are some nasty people out there I'm afraid. Hope you get yours sorted easily and quickly

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          I bet you are feeling pretty crap at the moment. I'd be devastated if it happened. I'm off to check mine. Hope it sorts out properly. You can actually phone paypal up and they are normally really hepful.
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            Thanks for the warning. I hope you get yours sorted out easily. It's a bit scary what people can do.
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              Hi Caroline

              Thanks for the warning. I'm ok, but I'll keep checking just in case.
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                Caroline, have you changed your password since then? They often get in by trying passwords until they strike lucky and they could come back. If your password is a name or a word in the dictionary, apparently they'll get in a lot easier.

                It happened to me a while back but it was for smaller amounts - they were still taking it out in 10 euro batches as I was complaining to PayPal about it!! I think they took about £50 in total. It's not nice at all and takes a while to get the money back into your account as it has to be investigated.
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                  Paypal prompted me to change the passwords and security have done and not in the dictionary.


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                    thanks for that warning off to check mine


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                      Do you have a google adwords account at all ? if so I would suggest that you go and check it too, to see if your website campaigns has been hacked or hijacked ( by bogus finance payday loans etc).

                      this happened to a friend of mine at christmas and she had to contact the people whos accounts had also been hacked because they had gone in an hijacked her business account and tried to used paypal to transfer money from other hacked accounts.

                      You need to do a very very big virus check for key loggers on your machines, after my friend called in a chap, she had 70 viruses on her machines which was how they targeted her business.

                      sorry its a bit scary, but these people are very clever.
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                        Thank you for the help Bogwell but I use a MAC and it virus checks every boot up, Apple have confirmed that no virus is present.

                        Update the money has been recredited to my account, still going to contact the bank but feel happier now, not a good day yesterday


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                          So glad to hear you got it sorted. There are some truely horrible people in this world

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                            The bank have cancelled the dd to paypal, means I will have to verify my account again but not bothered would rather do that than lose money, so will leave a few weeks and do then


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                              Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
                              The bank have cancelled the dd to paypal, means I will have to verify my account again but not bothered would rather do that than lose money, so will leave a few weeks and do then
                              Yes I think thats a small price to pay. It is very worrying how they can carry out these transactions though when, as you say your password is tight, you have no keyloggers/viruses etc
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