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    Hey everyone
    Ive put this here as so many different crafts could use the big shot, anyway, my first Big Shot arrived this morning and I've just been having a play with it.
    It came with a loads of dies and embossing folders, one being a hello kitty Sizzlits die.

    I followed what the instruction manual said to use it, but now that I've cut the paper and removed it, i've notcied its also cut (not to deep) the cutting pad I had used.

    I used: tab1, cutting pad, die (foam up), paper, and then my second cutting pad.

    Ive tired to have to look online for a answer but its not to easy when you dont know what your looking for lol
    Should I have used an acrylic mat aswel??

    any help would be great thanks
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    Your dies will cut into the cutting pads, dont worry. My top cutting pad looks a right old state but it does not matter! Mine doesnt look flat anymore either! It will last for ages and ages. I always put the marked one on the side that the die cuts on, the other one remains uncut and after a while I put a new one with the old uncut one. You can buy new cutting plates in packs of two.

    It gave me a shock the first time too!

    Hope that helps!


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      One of these days Sizzix will include this information and stop scaring people...

      Cut marks are normal and should be expected...before long your cutting plate will be unrecogniseable (mine is so scarred it is not longer clear but it cuts just fine)

      I would advise you keep one plate as the cut plate and keep good condition plates for embossing as the cuts can transfer as a pattern when embossing certian materials. If and when they get too bad you simply buy replacements (under a tenner a pair)

      The plates will also bend...this too is normnal and it helps if you turn them over every now and again...they even themselves out.

      You may hear creaking and cracking when you roll things through the machine...this too is normal.

      If something really does not want to go through don't force it. Adjust the sandwich instead

      You will figure it out as you go along...its a great machine and very strudy indeedy.