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    Hi, Don't know if this request is in the right place, but does anyone have an email address or contact at
    I need to contact them and the link on their page just directs me to Outlook which I don't have on my pc.
    Thanks in advance

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    I have just tried it and it opened an e mail page in Windows. I think if you just put your message and return e mail address, press send, it will go. I don't subscribe to Windows email either and I have just sent them a blank message. I wonder if they will respond??? lol On the other hand, I could send a message for you if you want. PM me if I can help.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Thank you Carol, I seem to have done it now. Just having a technophobic day, although I have sent them one blank page already!!


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        My laptop sometimes does this, just cut and past the email address into your hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. It is just reading a default setting for sending emails.



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          Oh no, in a big panic now, since I sent that message via the email page in windows all my emails have disappeared!!
          Any advice on how to get them back.


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            Have they gone into your deleted folder?
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              No, when I opened the windows outlook email page to contact UK Handknitting all my emails are now in this, and I don't know how to get them back into my Yahoo account.
              Any help please, as I'm scared I'll miss something important.



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                I am sorry, I am useless at something like this but will bump up your thread in the hope someone will spot it.
                God helps them that help themselves.


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                  Thank you so much Carol.


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                    I had same thing happen few years ago with my photos they all went and i never got them back .Hope you are luckier.x
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                      It sounds like Outlook has downloaded all your Yahoo emails onto your PC, so you will need Outlook to look at them now. And if you open it while you are on line, it will probably do the same again... (Outlook tends to assume that you want to use it for all your emails - it can be rather bossy this way!)

                      So, my method for dealing with this situation>

                      1. Make sure you are not on the internet. (Disconnect via the internet acess icon right down at the bottom right hand corner of the screen).
                      2. Open Outlook and click the 'File' menu in the top left hand corner, and click on 'Work Offline', so it won't try to connect.
                      3. Open the 'Tools menu in Outlook, and then the 'Account Options'.
                      4. Double click on your yahoo account (if it is listed - see below if it isn't) and then click on the 'More Settings' button.
                      5. Click on the 'Advanced' tab at the top of the new box.
                      6. Click on the 'leave a copy of the message on the server' option.
                      7. Click 'OK' on everything going back to the main Outlook screen.
                      8. If you ever want to send mail using Outlook again, you will need to turn off the 'Work Offline' option in th File menu.

                      The 'See below' bit: if your yahoo account isn't listed, then it shouldn't have downloaded the emails. Which is why I assumed it is.

                      Also, when you open Outlook, you should see all your Yahoo emails in the Inbox folder.

                      Hope this helps,
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