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Finding material that I can sell on

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  • Finding material that I can sell on

    HI there,

    I am new to this and hoping to start my own business with my crafts. I would like to make something out of a material that is seemingly quite hard to come by - muslin.

    My question is, if I were to buy muslin squares from, say, Tesco or Mothercare, what are the legal implications of selling on an item made from such material? Or would I be better off going to a wholesaler and cutting down the fabric?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Not sure what the implications would be depends on what you are making from the muslin, if you are just reselling as sold then think you would have a problem as presumably they have theirs labeled. Muslin is not hard to come by efabrics have it in stock and would have thought cheaper to buy by the meter than in precut squares from a supermarket


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      Thanks for replying. I wouldn't be reselling as sold, there would be amendments to the material. It would just be far easier for me to have them premade in squares than to have to sew the edges up. OTherwsie I agree with you, buying by the meter would be much better.