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and another! Spray painting

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  • and another! Spray painting

    i use antique cream emulsion on my homemade plaques and i am trying to figure out how to spray paint them so i can speed up this area (this bit is boring its the crafty bit i love)

    What would you suggest is the best way of doing this????? I dont really want to use spray cans, emulsion looks better imo - thanks for your help x

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    Bumping for help!


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      If you want to spray your plaques but don't want to use a can then you need to buy a spray kit. Several manufacturers do these. Companies like Earlex, Sealey and Kestrel.

      P.S You will need a lot of room to spray your plaques.


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        I spray my fabrics and feathers .....outside on the lawn ... needless to say it is a lovely shade of blue this week.

        I then dry them hanging on a peg in the garage.

        Otherwise it smells too much in the house.

        And you cant do that in the rain or winter, so not really a solution to your problem.

        might be worth looking at airbrushes instead and using a non smelly paint?
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          Air brushing can be a good way to go and you can use emulsion, it's best done outside unless you have a workshop or garage.

          Unless you are doing lots at a time I find doing them by brush or roller to be much easier and less messy.

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            Sounds as if spraying is a bit messy & using brushes means you can see the brushstrokes!
            Have you thought about trying paint pads?

            I think you can get them in small sizes & they do give a smooth finish - I always use them when I do my home decorating (not the same thing I know but worth a try!)

            Also what about the mini paint rollers?


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              Would a spray bottle work, like the ones you use to spray your plants and things?? might be a much cheaper way to do it
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