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Newby needs help with glue

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  • Newby needs help with glue

    Hi everyone
    Im fairly new to the world of crafts but have taken to it massively, after finding myself with lots of time due to redundancy. I do, however, have some problems with glue spoiling my projects, and so Im hoping some of you experts will be able to advise me.

    PVA seems to make my paper wrinkle and pritt type glue doesnt really do the job properly as it tends not to be strong enough.

    So, what glues should be using to a) stick paper to card b) stick ribbon to card c) stick metal to card (embellishments etc)..............Ive been told spray mount is good but gets everywhere...


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    I tend to use double-sided tape to stick paper to card and ribbon to card, there's a way of peeling some of the backing off and folding it over which allows you to line things up before sticking it down to stop wonky lines. Sometimes I'll use a glue stick if I'm covering the entire card with paper, I apply it to the card and then lay the paper on top. The stix2 and tombow brands work well - avoid the cheap ones from the pound shop at all costs!

    For sticking embellishments I'll usually use a tacky pva glue, ordinary ones tend to be a bit too watery - we were using both types on a workshop I was running and it became very noticeable who used which glue by the frustrated crafters struggling with embellishments not sticking properly.
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      Have you tried Pritt Glue Dots?
      I use them a lot - they stick well and no liquid glue mess. Also are acid free for photos.
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        Double sided tape or tape pens for ribbon and card. Pinflair glue is good for embellishments, or pretty much anything!
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          Thanks everyone xx


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            Double sided tape ! Makes me feel blue peter-y or art attack-y. I hate glue me, especially super glue - Glueing your eyelashes together is not clever!! x
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