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  • boo hoo

    Went all the way to Edwinstowe yesterday for a craft fair.

    Couldn't find any signs which pointed the way the fair, but found that the ones that Daffodil Fairy had put out on Saturday (a 5 mile radius) had all been torn down.
    She then tried to get someone to put more up, but having spoken to some people who came (unfortunately not well attended), they said that the signs had all been changed and moved and they had managed to find us by accident!

    Why can't people leave things alone?

    The stalls were lovely and there was a great variety with free coffee, tea and biscuits for us all day, it was a pity that someone just had to spoil it!

    Hope my next one is better.

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    Why do people do things like that? Really unfair. Hope the next one is better

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      So sorry for you and so disappointing for the organiser when they have done all the right things. Hate this Yob culture that seems to want to ruin everything for others.

      Hope the next one is more successful for all concerned.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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        Can't believe people can put their energies into something so destructive :-( Hope it doesn't deter the organiser from doing more events
        Leanne Thurston


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          Just popped on the forum and saw this thread. Thank you Jackie for your support , it was lovely to finally meet you, though with the aforementioned issues I didn't think I was at my most relaxed!
          Curious, Morning G and Upsiedaisie, I also don't know why people have to be so mean, I have not got to the bottom of why they were removed but I do know that as a consequence I will not be holding any future events at that venue (craft fairs or otherwise), a venue that if it closes due to lack of funding will be of more detriment to the people that removed my signs than to me, as I don't live there!! Whilst the footfall was very disappointing it was just over 100 for the day, so they didn't stop us completely! Mini rant complete!!
          Upsiedaisie, it was upsetting enough to put me off, BUT I am pleased to say that my next fair will be on 22nd May in Welbourn, Lincolnshire.
          Victoria x


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            Could it have been the council removing them? Our council are hot on the heels of signs - removing them without telling the shopkeepers and then charging them for getting them back if they've not applied for permission in advance to put them out.
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              That could be a possibility, the council removing the boards, if the organiser did not apply for permission.
              Especially as Edwinstowe already has a full time craft centre, which is open 7 days a week.